Saturday, December 28, 2013

FW GUNDAM CONVERGE 13 - New Images [Updated 12/28/2013]

FW GUNDAM CONVERGE 13 (Release Date: Dec 2013, Price: 400 Yen)
- S-Gundam
- Xeku Eins
- Gundam GP-03S Stamen
- Asshimar
- GM III (UC Ver.)
- Zaku I Sniper Type (UC Ver)
- SPECIAL *GM III Unicorn Desert Ver.
[Updated 12/28/2013] 
[Updated 9/24/2013]



  1. Calling it, either the special will be ex-s or there will be an sp pair set with ex-s and mk5

  2. I'd say this is a good contender for the best set lineup to date. hahaha.

  3. Holy crap, that Zaku 1 Sniper looks bad ass!


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