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Mobile Suit Gundam UC Episode 7: Over the Rainbow [Limited Edition] Blu-ray - Release Info [Updated 4/24/14]

Mobile Suit Gundam UC Episode 7: Over the Rainbow [Limited Edition] Blu-ray - Release Info (Release Date: Jun 6, 2014, Price: 10,200 yen)

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[Blu-ray] Mobile Suit Gundam UC [MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM UC] 7 (Limited Edition) will be shipped worldwide on June 6, 2014. Final episode of the Universal Century chapter written by Fukui Harutoshi dealing with the story and expanding the Universal Century.
Final Battle over the Laplace's Box will decide the fate of the Earth Federation Government and humanity.


"Full Armor Unicorn Gundam" special sleeve drawn by Hajime Katoki

Limited Edition comes with:
■ The Universal Century Digest by Fukui Harutoshi, a new video interview and the "One Hundred Years of Solitude" episode EX full version bonus DISC
■ Special booklet [Episode EX "One Hundred Years of Solitude" scenario (Universal Century digest newly written Fukui Harutoshi), Universal Century Gundam tribute illustration,
episode 7 original, etc.)
■ 16 page special booklet

■ "One Hundred Years of Solitude" episode EX (Universal Century digest by Fukui Harutoshi configuration)
■1-6 digest 
■ PV Collection episode
■ Drawn Jacket
■ BD-LIVE compatible

[Updated 4/24/14]
[Updated 4/20/14]


  1. I'm gonna go on a meltdown if I don't watch Unicorn.

  2. It is crazy. 10,200 yen is really expensive for a movie. That is more than $100USD.

    1. Well I believe this is the result of piracy and online downloading. They know that it is hard to make physical copy sales these days, so the try their hardest to add extra scenes, items, as well as other such stuff to make the sales. All of that costs extra money for them as well, but I believe they do it so people will find the price reasonable due to what you get for it.

    2. 10,200 yen is for the limited edition than comes with all those things you see above.
      You are crazy.

    3. @The Hergula Actually media in Japan is just plain expensive. Singles cost like $18, and full length LPs are almost $30. Anime BluRays are super expensive too, usually around $50-$60 regular price volumes with like 2 or 3 episodes on them.

  3. trailer bandai im dying for some unicorn goodness!

  4. I'm a bit concerned about how much story they have to fit in to this last episode. Hopefully they can smooth out the pacing and deliver a good show.

    Then there's the ending. I dunno if they decided to change it but the original I heard was very abrupt and unsatisfying for a lot of people.

  5. zzzzzFAST RELEASE ALREADY~~I CANT WAIT LOL~~~WHY IS JUNE...= =i though is next year at january..= = zzz FK bandai series SO DAMN SLOW...

  6. Got mine pre-ordered. Amazon Japan is down to ¥7500, which is just fine with me!

    Here's hoping the "Hundred Years of Solitude" is subbed.

  7. June sixth hurry up!!! i want my damn copy!!!


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