Thursday, September 6, 2012

Robot Damashii (Side MS) Leo + Option Set - Review by Scizophonic9

Robot Damashii (Side MS) Leo (Release Date: Released in Japan, Price: 3150 yen)

Robot Damashii (Side MS) Leo - Option Set (Release Date: Released in Japan, Price: 2100 yen)



  2. The unit only set seems kind of pricey... Are all RD's priced like this? I've seen one that's worth almost double, the Seravee GNHW I think.

    1. The Leo is actually on the low end of RD prices; its MSRP of 3150 yen is equal to things like Crossbone Gundam X-1, the Guren Mk-II, and Bonta-kun, the latter two having similarly low accessory counts. The Seravee GNHW/3S's price was because it contained two figures (Seravee and Seraphim) AND was a Web Shop exclusive.

      Still, I'd say the Leo is only really worth it if you're a big fan of Gundam Wing, the Leo design, or Hajime Katoki's work in general. It's a nice solid RD figure with good poseability (better in some ways than even the animated Leo), but you really do need the Option Set to make it worthwhile.

      I really wish Bandai had packed a couple more weapons in with the base figure (like the shield/sabers and dobergun), and then just made a single Option Set to share between the Army and Space Leos, but complaining isn't going to change anything; it is what it is. And it's still better than "Rage Hands" Agito. :P

  3. Looking at it now, the visor's too narrow on both heads.

    1. @G-Slayer1:

      I disagree. The thirteenth image (on this page) looks like an indication of the visor being wide enough. And if you mean it's too short, then I still disagree; the visor looks like as if it's retracted; as if to give the main camera a better view until it needs protection (which I suppose would then mean it would slide out, then drop over the camera).

      If you look at the Gundam Wiki page on the OZ-06MS Leo, there are scans of Gundam Ace from a year or two ago focusing on tech data, complete with new lineart, old lineart, screen caps, a clip of manga... And while the newer lineart shows a slightly different interpretation of the visor on the head, it does seem to confirm the Leo having a retracted visor.

      (Plus, the old lineart, screen caps, and manga clip--which the RD followed more than the newer lineart in design--seem to indicate the same thing. At least to me. *shrug*)

      And besides, I don't think it (and other possible alterations--such as a slightly narrower cockpit hatch, and probably-taller waist) should matter that much when judging the RD; for the most part, it's still accurate to the design, it's more detailed than the MSiA version, and it has superior articulation to the MSiA.

      Though I guess AmuroNT1's right when it comes to the Leo's worth. I can see others not so excited because it's a Leo and GW had super mecha (the Gundams) tearing countless Leos apart, but I like the design myself, and I like Katoki's work. As someone who felt pretty so-so about the MSiA version and lamented the limited production of the 1/144 Leo model from long ago, I was pretty excited when this RD was first announced.

  4. Why did you include extra pieces on him that aren't in any of the option sets in a couple of the pictures? What are those even from?


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