Saturday, August 25, 2012

Char Aznable Custom Toyota Auris [News via AnimeNewsNetwork]

Char's Auris hatchback unveiled with light-up Zeon emblems, blade antenna, "Achtung" lettering, and more
[News via AnimeNewsNetwork]
Toyota has been teasing a collaboration with Char Aznable, the iconic antagonist of the Mobile Suit Gundam anime franchise, and it unveiled the secret project on Saturday at Japan's Chara-Hobby 2012 event: The MS-186H-CA Auris hatchback in Char's signature matte red.
The website is streaming a promotional video.
On the exterior, the special package from Toyota Modellista International has:
1.a blade antenna inspired by the head antenna on Char's Zaku II mobile suit kit (front spoiler with embedded LED lights, side skirts, rear spats)
 3.rear diffuser and built-in muffler
 4.hood ducts
 5.front and rear light-up Zeon emblems
 6.short suspension springs
 7.mirror detailing
 8.18-inch aluminum wheels with Zeon logos
 9.blackout paint (inside the headlights, front wheels, front bumper, and fog light bezels)
 10.brake caliper paint
 11.original body artwork wrapping (matte color, carbon-style roof, caution labels — many written in German "Achtung") 

Inside, the car has custom leather on the steering wheel, shift knob, shifting mechanism cover, and brake lever. The dashboard and steering wheel have interior artwork wrapping to complement the one on the exterior, while the instrument panel and door trim have a custom black scheme. Both the steering wheel and the push-button start switch have Zeon emblems. The aluminum accelerator, brake, and clutch pedals and original floor mats complete the package.


  1. So, the big question is... Can it go 3 times faster?

    1. it's not a racing car. you idiot.

    2. I was just trying to refer to the fact that all of Char's machines go 3 times faster. No need for offensive language.

    3. people tend to get 3 times more aggressive while near the car or images of thereof

  2. they should add a horn on it somewhere too

  3. Does it move three times faster than a normal Toyota Auris?

    1. Maybe but It'll prolly consume gas 3 times faster too

    2. Exactly what i said to my friends when i showed them this on FB, can it really go 3x faster lol


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