Tuesday, February 1, 2011

G-SHOT! Gunpla Photo Contest - BEST PAINT JOB (PART E)

Thank you for everyone's participation for this event.  We are grateful for the opportunity to view all the wonderful entries.  We had originally planned to announce the winner on Jan. 29th.  But this date will now be push back a bit, as my staff will need more time to process the entries.  We had received just a few entries shy of 600, so we will need some time to process the images & give the judges ample time to make their votes.  The date to announce the winners is set for Feb. 5th 2011 (Saturday).
For now, please enjoy the posting of all the entries for this contest, and we will continue to post them as we process the rest of the entries.
(The entries below are not listed in any specific order)
(Note: The entries below are not listed in any specific order. And there are still more images for each categorie, so if you don't see your images here, it only means that it has not been processed yet.)

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  1. Heyo GG, kinda worried cos i have'nt seen my entry yet, I have asked you b4 and you replied and asked for my email, I posted it as a comment and have'nt received any response since. Would be great if you could reply, THANKS!


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