Monday, September 12, 2016

RG 1/144 Build Strike Gundam Full Package - On Display @ C3 Tokyo 2016

RG 1/144 Build Strike Gundam Full Package 
(Release Date: Dec 2016, Price: 2,700 yen)

Images via Gtoys


  1. Lol Bandai what about G, Turn A, X and other timelines?

    I think GBF should stay with HG but whatever that's your decision.

    I hope the shoulder designs are not final. The shoulders on MG & HG are better. Everything else looks OK for me. Inb4 P-Bandai Universe Booster :P

    1. p-bandai for star build strike expansion pack

  2. Why is it not a UC Gundam like Nu or S Gundam :(

    1. because bandai doesnt like our money, they rather sell P-bandai stuff or badass metal kits... that get copied.

      some evil part of me hopes they are gonna make that infinite justice metal build, and that it looks awesome... and gets copied once again.

      they should have learned by now. ask and demand.

  3. Looks really good.
    Hopefully we get things like RG:

    - Universe Booster
    - Exia Amazing
    - Exia Dark Matter
    - Zaku Amazing
    - Wing Fenice
    - Fenice Rinascita
    - Fenice Rinascita Alba
    - Build Gundam MK2
    - Sengoku Astray
    - Star Winning Gundam RG System

  4. I love the RG line, but this one doesn't do a thing for me.

    Here's hoping the next RG is the Alex Gundam...

  5. I'd buy only to see if the booster is compatible with the HG build strike

  6. Now that makes it a true RG system.... :p

    And lemme guess: the Universe Booster will be P-Bandai? :v

    Now can we have MG 2.0 and RG of Shining, Master, and God Gundams? Wouldn't mind if you retool them into Build/Try Burning...

  7. Anyone know if they are going to do the star backpack? And I'd so how soon after the release do you think it will be

    1. Either as a P-Bandai or normal release like the Skygrasper. They'll release it on the same day as the base model

  8. If no one is gonna say it I will...what's up with the shoulders drooping down and broken V-fin? Feels like Barns N Nobles displayed this kit. Come on, bandai, put your best foot forward to sell this kit. So many mixed reactions and displaying it like this makes me cringe.

    Otherwise, I've got the HG and MG in the backlog. I think it's too late in the game to put this model out when so many potential kits were a better candidate for a RG release. Maybe if they said outright that other Build Fighters kits will join the RG line, then will I add this to my collection and wait for the others.

  9. For me, I like the details, it looks amazing

  10. it re used RG strikes's frame. im not looking for this one.


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