Monday, February 29, 2016

P-Bandai Exclusive: PG 1/60 Unicorn Gundam [Final Battle Ver] - New Images & Release Info

P-Bandai Exclusive: PG 1/60 Unicorn Gundam [Final Battle Ver]
(Release Date: April 2016, Price: 24000 yen)



  1. Does it include the bazooka too?

    1. If the original included a bazooka, then I would suspect that it would.
      More than likely, this will include the exact same parts as the PG Unicorn originally did but with a color change from the clear red to the clear green and then an extra few shields and gattling guns.

      But if you are a fan of the Unicorn series, then I suspect you will get maybe 2 sets of this PG and 1 set of the Full Armor add on set. Oh and of course 2 sets of the LED unit.

      That way, you can have a PG Unicorn [Final Battle Version] and also a PG Full Armor Unicorn [Final Battle Version] displayed next to each other.

    2. i was wondering that too! I wanted to buy the FA expension set for this, but if there no bazooka included i can't use all of the FA expansion parts.

  2. Severely overpriced GundamGuy...

    1. It's not that Gundam Guy overpriced it.
      1. It's a Premium Bandai so that in itself makes it expensive for him to import from a third party vendor since Premium Bandai is normally only for Asia territories (Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, etc)
      2. It's a PG so there's extra cost of shipping as it is.

      Before you accuse Gundam Guy of "severely [overpricing]" something, consider being logical about it in terms of basic business before commenting about pricing.

      If you want a PG, especially a Premium Bandai release, you're going to have to expect to pay a lot of money. If not, then just stick with MG, RG, HG, or SD if that is more within your price range.

    2. You do know that this is for a PERFECT GRADE and a Premium Bandai one right?
      So obviously prices are gonna be high.
      If you are going to buy this PG, then you should save up and buy it as soon as you can since it will be sold out and then you will not be able to buy it unless you pay even more for it since people are going to relist it on like eBay at much higher prices.

      Actually, Gundam Guy is already sold out so that is at least 1 place you will not be able to make the purchase from at the moment.

  3. It would be nice if Bandai could do a PG for Exia.
    It'd fit right in with their Premium Bandai focused business model because they can do:
    - Exia Repair 1 [add on set]
    - Exia Repair 2 [add on set]

    That way, they would potentially be selling 3x of the PG Exia if a fan really wants to display all 3 variations (as seen in the anime) side by side.

    Speaking of which, I'm still wondering why we never got a PG 00 Raiser Condenser Type, nor a PG 00 QanT. All we have now is the PG 00 Raiser (and I guess if you take off 0 Raiser it'd be the regular 00 Gundam).

    Come on Bandai!
    Give us Gundam 00 fans the proper PG treatment!

  4. GG is ALWAYS overpriced.

  5. It's just the blue/green clear parts instead of red, right ?
    Too bad, it isnt full armor but the three shield and their action base seems really nice but can we do this pose ( ? or just shields assemble ?

  6. I think it's expensive cause' of the Psycho Frame color.. lol. I think it comes with the default weapons and three gatling shields. not sure though..


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