Tuesday, October 6, 2015

GUNDAM GUY: READERS FEATURE GUNPLA BUILD - HG 1/144 Death Hell Bone by Putra Sinatria, S.Pd


We get a lot of requests to post gunpla builds from readers of our blog.  We will be doing our best to feature your builds here via this post format.  If you would like your builds to be featured on our blog, simply email us (5-10) high resolution images at mr_gundam_guy@yahoo.com, and we will do out best to post them.  Pls don't send us Zip / Rar files.  We can't promise we will post every single submissions, but we will certainly try our best. 

HG 1/144 Death Hell Bone - Customized Build
Modeled by Putra Sinatria, S.Pd
(Thank you for emailing us!)

Notes from the modeler:
Main Kit : HG 1/144 Crossbone X1
Sub Kit 1 : HG 1/144 D-Hell Custom
Sub Kit 2 :​ Weapon of Figma White Rock Shooter
This is the first time I applied a cutting sticker on a gunpla, feel satisfied with the result on it wing :) I found the design by the google image search of Skull Tattoo Design. I made one like this once, it was an MG, a bit nostalgic but I didn't put the scythe last time I made it, put a bit modification on it chest using clay. Hope that u like it :) 


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    1. Elo yg sampah.. berpendidikan sedikit lah kalo komentar!!

  2. Nubmark spotted. Sigh learn the basic first, that what I tell myself before doing any project

  3. Does the cythe included in the kit if not where to buy


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