Saturday, July 11, 2015

NXEDGE STYLE 00 Gundam & 0 Raiser - On Display @ Tamashii Nation AKIBA Showroom (Akihabara, Tokyo) [Updated 7/11/15]

NXEDGE STYLE 00 Gundam & 0 Raiser  (Release Date: Jul 2015, Price: 3780 yen)

[Updated 7/11/15] *NEW*

[Updated 6/8/15] 

[Updated 6/4/15]


  1. Looks good. Now where's my Exia XDEdge release?

  2. Not likely they're gonna make Exia soon, considering that the NXEdge series is picking only the most popular suits and they have other mechs in line. Can't wait for the Albion, Qant and TTGL.

  3. Heck yeah im down for these the first time I've been hyped for a SD gundam...gonna get zera destiny and that chogoken thing lol!!!


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