Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Gundam Assault Kingdom 9 - New Images & Release Info [Updated 7/21/15]

Gundam Assault Kingdom 9  (Release Date: Jul 2015, Price: 400 yen each)

Set Includes:
- Gundam Mk-II A.E.U.G.
- Kampfer
- G-Self
- Hambrabi

[Updated 7/21/15] *NEW*
Bandai tease a possible Mobile Suit Gundam Assault Kingdom Psycho Gundam Release?

[Updated 7/7/15] 

[Updated 5/2/15]


  1. These seem like solid choices, especially the kampher and g-self. I wish they'd get around to producing some of the models from the wing series. Even models like the serpent and leo would be great to help flesh out "Wing" forces in tactical minis games (using stand arts for some of the gundams).

  2. Excellent posability with these figures. Looking forward to what they're planning for series 10!

  3. I wonder why they chose to rehash the Mk.II AEUG? They didn't even give it different accessories like they did with the RX-78 re-release in wave 7. Oh well. Really diggin the Kampfer and Hambrabi. The chain mine even appears to be individually balljointed at eery link!


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