Saturday, March 7, 2015

1/144 Vxstair Gundam - Custom Build [Updated 3/7/15]

1/144 Vxstair Gundam - Custom Build

Modeled by Seiji Okamura


  1. Qants torso and shield, astrays arms, try burnings legs, and hi-nus head ?

  2. Hi-v Head,Qan [T] Body,Astray Second L replacing 2nd Revise's Arms,Build Burning Legs, Qan [T] Backpack,Wing Zero nohomoversion Twin Buster Rifle,AGE-2 Shield and for melee both Jigen Haoh Ryuu Kenpo and probably GN Sword V,'cuz Qan [T] backpack it's just for Sword Bits and Beam Gun without it,and Crossbone X1's gives you even more boost equally distribuited and on the same HG LEVEL. Ha.

  3. The head seem a a little too big for the body.


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