Thursday, February 26, 2015

SDBF Star Winning Gundam - Review Images via YellowSubmarine

SDBF Star Winning Gundam  (Release Date: Feb 2015, Price: 1296 yen)


Review Images via YellowSubmarine


  1. Finally, a picture of Star Winning Real Mode! I was in doubt whether the HG can turn the SD into Real mode or not. This picture clear my doubt. Thank you! Now, I'm off to buy one of this!

  2. Now that I've seen built HG form of SWG, the HG head looks bad with that huge orange block on its forehead. Kinda turns me off.
    I might just display it in SD form if I decided to get this.

  3. Is the stand included?

  4. Pros:
    - Good Body Proportion
    - Cool SD to HG Gimmick
    - Awesome Weapons

    - Disproportioned, oversized HG mode V-Fin
    - Limited/lack of articulation and poseability when in HG mode (front skirts prevent the leg from being lifted any higher thus robbing the HG mode the ability to kneel, elbows can barely do 90 degrees)
    - Awkward looking Jet mode/ship mode/mobile armor mode transformation

    Cons don't completely outweigh the pros so definitely worth a buy.

    1. I like the oversized V-fin, without it how is she going to use the WINING BEAM!!!!

  5. >didn't stick the little shield on the waist

    blunder of the century

  6. I am tempted to buy 2 sets of this guy, but I think I will wait and see if Bandai makes a "Master Grade" version of the Winning and Star Winning first. I just don't like all the stickers on this guy. And yea I know that "High Grade" and "SD" kits often have lots of stickers and all, but I just prefer if they have all the parts in correct color plastic.

  7. This really is a must get ...
    SD - Real mode, dammmn

  8. Star Winning and Tryon 3 are my favorite looking gundams in build fighters try and will buy more than one and hope for some mg

  9. the star winning looks absolutely gorgeous! but theres so many stickers :(


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