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Gundam Build Fighters Try: Episode 9 'Showdown At Solomon' - Video & Image Gallery

Gundam Build Fighters Try: Episode 9 'Showdown At Solomon' - Video & Image Gallery

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  1. Loving how the story-line for this season is turning out, but I just want to know how the hell Build burning gets repaired after every battle without Sei ? Is battle damage B that low risk for gunpla or could it be Yuuma is that good that he can duplicate build burning ? Thats all I want to know!?!?!

  2. Hmm, i guess damage level B saves builders some headache when repairing gunpla...

  3. When the best defensive meets an even better offensive.
    Recaps ep 8 :P

    Sakashita looking like the witch in Soul Eater.
    Suga teaches the witch about respect, not only for Gunpla Battle, its for life.
    Treat people with respect.

    I guess there could be a new opening at around episode 14 to 16?
    After the G-Master fight? Or after some fillers after the G-Master fight?

    They have a fighters info portal this time.

    So the Damage Level goes up in the next tournament tier.

    That "last year student of a club" cliché :P
    Don't sweat it Sudou, Sekai isn't building his own either.

    Why isn't the Try Fighters exercising together, the team sweating it out together.
    Looks like there will be some fighting...offscreen.

    Build Burning will really get the damage in the nationals with Damage Lvl A.
    Will Sei show up?
    New opening!

    The 3 "renew their vows" :P

    Tatsuya, his Red Warrior is coming out in January.
    So perhaps the anime appearance will be late December earliest?
    After the G-Master fight? Or after filler and before nationals?

    So the glittery parts act as shields too! Cool!

    Weakness of Lightning in flight mode, the rifle is open to harm.
    I just don't get how physical gunpla techniques can become a particle transforming beam saber, so physical to software SDK method?
    Boils down to, "its anime" :P

    Woah, Lightning!!
    Does the light sphere controls generate resistance?
    Or is Sudou acting?

    I can never be a fighter, my gunpla is precious.

    Ok, its going into the sacrifice cliché.

    G-Master...isn't so great after all.
    Woah! Surprise comeback!

    Its the orange "near death" cockpit like in episode 1.

    Try Fighters - "三位-体" !!
    Flames alight following the passion, hope and drive to win!
    Looks like no training is needed to activate the flames, just want it hard enough and it shows?
    (Plus the "near death" orange cockpit)
    Next is to call it at will.

    Burn and melt, Gunpla!! :P

    Team leader Sudou just have to come back up to look cool :P
    (Weakened) Mega-shiki has a weak punch.

    Gunpla Battle is a strenuous activity.
    Done your warm-up?

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  5. ....Who keeps fixing Build Burning..?


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