Friday, July 18, 2014

Gundam Cafe: Hyaku Shiki Beer Jug - Currently On Sale! (Japan)

Gundam Cafe: Hyaku Shiki Beer Jug  (Price: 1428 yen)

Gundam Cafe is once again offering Hyaku Shiki Beer Jug at their 3 full restaurant locations.   The Hyaku Shiki Beer Jug was offered last year at the Gundam Cafe: Mobile Suit Z Gundam Fair.  These latest offerings will a 2014 Gundam Cafe marked on the jug.

Locations: Gundam Cafe (Akihabara, Tokyo Station, and Makuhari Store)


  1. This is so... right.
    Truly a perfect match.

  2. OMG!! Gundam and Beer! I NEED! If only I had friends in Japan I would so pay for this thing

  3. How do I get one of those in America?


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