Friday, December 13, 2013

Gundam Hobby Life 003 - Released in Japan!

Gundam Hobby Life 003 (Release Date: Dec 13th 2014, Price: 1575 Yen)
This latest issue will focus on mobile suits & gunpla appearing between U.C.0079-0088 such as Advance of Z, Gundam Sentinel, Gundam ZZ and One Year War.

Images of Issue 001, 002


  1. Oh God, please let there be a new [MG] version of Ex-S Gundam.

    1. New HG too please.

      And RG. God, just make sure it has it's propellant tank too.

      Never enough Ex-S.

      Hell, more suits from Sentinel and AoZ is fantastic.

      Anyway, this magazine seems tempting to purchase.


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