Thursday, October 10, 2013


MG 1/100 Unicorn Gundam 02 Banshee Final Battle Ver., MG 1/100 RX-78-2 Gundam Weapons Set, MG 1/100 Gundam AGE-2 Special Op & More!
*We are currently fulfilling all pre-orders*

[Updated 10/10/13]
Those inquirying about their shipment from our recent batch of goods.  We are shipping orders as fast as we can in the order which they are received.  Thank you for your patience.
[Updated 10/9/13]


  1. Finally Age 2 Special Forces!!!!

    1. Suiton's Christmas came early!

    2. Oh hi there. My Xmas part 1 'came early'.

      Part 1
      MG Age-1 Normal Unit 2
      MG Age-2 Normal SP Ver.
      RG Destiny + Wings

      Part 2 (around mid December according to GG)
      RG Strike Freedom + Wings

      Oh and technically it isn't Xmas because:

      a. it's not December 25
      b. it implies that i would receive them as gifts. i bought them with money i set aside after bills and real life expenses

    3. Do you always have too have a attitude? Usually when people say Christmas came early it's refers too the fact that they got something they wanted.
      A. Has nothing too do with Christmas besides he excitement one would feel on Christmas morning.
      B. Usually when people say use this phrase they bought it with their own money and did not receive it as a gift.

      I really wish you would have something actually interesting too say and not come across as a total douche. And if you reply saying you don't care what others think it would be a lie since any reply would show that you truly do care. So please show some maturity and ne civil with you replies.

    4. Yes, suiton, keep bragging about your boxes. Cuz no one else in the whole world ever actually bought any gunpla for themselves, ever. While you keep bragging about boxes and trying to scalp ppl on ebay (FYI, I just found an HG age-2 spec ops for 3000yen today. I would link it here, but every knowledgeable modeler knows where to get it. Guess you aren't one) all of us ppl who actually do something with their kits other than bragging about boxes will be having fun BUILDING our kits. In fact, I dare to say that everyone will agree that your collection is one of the most pityful, disrespectful things ever in our community, and you should feel ashamed about it, not brag all the time.
      And to publicly announce that you have to buy your own gifts cuz no one likes you is, well, I really have no words to describe how pathetic it is...

      And you still have the arrogance to keep on bragging and acting like everyone loves you and is actually interested in the slightest with the shit you buy to store in your boxed filled closet...

      @anon10:42 I doubt that suiton has the intellect to understand sarcasm, irony, metaphor, hyperbole or any other kind of figure of speech that requires the use of one's imagination. He had to comment on the literal meaning of the post, as if any actual normal person would need clarification on that...

    5. oh come on guys, just ignore suiton already.
      he can brag whatever he want, I dont care, my life will goes on.

      with regard to GG post, I might getting MG 1/100 AGE-2 SpOp later, depending on youtube review.

    6. What's to decide that you need a YT review? Watch a regular age-2 normal review, picture it white. Is that too difficult?

      And if suiton can brag whatever he wants, we sure as hell can complain about it whatever we want

    7. Anon 10:42- here again.

      @ anon 5:16 I was going to make the same comment about him buying his own gifts but want him to get his panties in a twist. Lol

    8. Suiton I have seen most of your videos and all I can say is that it gets really boring watching a silent video showing nothing but boxes...

      Back to the main topic, will G.G. be re-opening the orders for the Unicorn Gundam Banshee Final Battle Ver. kit? I wanted to pre-order it last time but their procedure requires me to pay for it first and unfortunately I didn't have enough money saved up on time so I shelved that plans aisde...

    9. Well, suiton claims he has videos of his builds, but they are all on private, and he refuses to show them, cuz he, you know, doesnt like the negativity. He somehow seems to enjoy all the negativity he gets everywhere else, though, including for the fact he refuses to show these videos, that do exist, of course they do, I swear, they do, no really, it's the truth, they exist...

      suiton loves to use unverifiable facts to back up his claims, i.e., he's a liar

      On a serious tone, you should email GG directly with your request, or at least PM him on fb

    10. Yup.. I seen comments about that as well...

      Thanks.. will do =)

    11. Go, Legion of Ben, destroy that bullshiton629!!

    12. Some people just worse than suiton, they love to bash him unrelated to topic.
      If you have nothing to do other than replying to every suiton's post, why don't you give valuable comment related to topic instead ?

      @suiton629, retarded comments, at least still related to topic.
      @anon 6:30, you never watch youtube review before ?
      @JadeEmperor, no you're not included.

      Back to topic, MG AGE-2 SpecOp is good, I'm getting it after new year eve.

    13. @Anon 624, No worries, I'm cool =)

  2. You should burn all the SEED products you have in a dumpster, since they aren't getting too much sales anymore. Fuck clearance, it's hardly even a profit at this rate. lol


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