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GUNDAM BUILD FIGHTERS - Mobile Suits & Characters Info

GUNDAM BUILD FIGHTERS - Mobile Suits & Characters Info
Build Strike Gundam
A Gunpla created by Sei Iori, based on Mobile Suit Gundam SEED's Strike Gundam.
Focusing on mobility, it specializes in quick, hit-and-run attacks. While it's put together extremely well, its weapons loadout is still incomplete, meaning there's plenty of room to grow.
Zaku Amazing
A Gunpla built by Seioh Academy student government president Tatsuya Yuki, also known as the "Crimson Comet". Tatsuya's building and piloting skills combine to create an unbeatable foe.
Based on the MSV High Maneuver Model Zaku II, it's also been uparmored and equipped with fixed weaponry. Its mix between ranged and melee power make it a potent contender on any battleground.

Wing Gundam Fenice
A unique, asymmetrical heavy modification of Mobile Suit Gundam Wing's Wing Gundam. The modifications include the removal of Bird Mode. The antenna and winglike "ear" on the right side of its head both bear scars of battle damage.

Gundam X Maoh
A version of After War Gundam X's Gundam X equipped with "reflex thrusters". Its main weapon is its enhanced "Hyper Satellite Cannon", which boasts devastating power worthy of the name "Maoh".
Sei Iori
A 7th-grader attending Seiho Academy. An only child, his family owns the shop Iori Models, and he's been a Gunpla fan from a young age. Both his building technique and his Gundam knowledge put many adults to shame.
However, he's a poor Gunpla Battler with a long record of washing out in the first round.
A mysterious boy Sei Iori encounters in town. He's overbearing, selfish, quick to anger, and lacking in manners.
Thrust into the Gunpla Battle cockpit, he shows off incredible piloting skills on his first try.

Tatsuya Yuki
This 9th-grader, president of both Seiho Academy's student government and its modeling club, is adored by the student population Talented at Gunpla building and battle, he made it all the way to the world championships of the last Gunpla Battle tournament.
He's also known as "the Crimson Comet".
China Kousaka
A 7th-grader in Seiho Academy's art program, and a class rep. Her family runs the Kousaka Restaurant.
Seeing Sei Iori's enthusiasm for Gunpla building, she takes up the hobby herself in her own thoughtful, reserved style.
Info via Gundam.Info


  1. Wing Gundam Fenix = 00 Quanta long lost brother

  2. Same character designer as AGE I presume?

  3. I'm hoping that Gundam W-Fenice is a work in progress, otherwise I would activate self destruct and put that poor thing down.

    1. dude did you NOT Read the description of it? this Wing Gundam is wearing "Battle Damage" meaning if you have seen the 1st episode trailer of Gundam builders it is the same Wing gundam that got destroyed by the Gyan in the simulator therefore it is quite possibly rebuilt/recolored as a custom job while perhaps changing it's equipment (this is Not Heero's gundam to self destruct like that man)


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