Friday, August 30, 2013

Premium Bandai "FW Gundam Converge Operation Revive" Campaign (Japan) [Updated 8/31/13]

Premium Bandai "FW Gundam Converge Operation Revive" Campaign
Premium Bandai aims to please fan of the FW Gundam Converge series with the "FW Gundam Converge Operation Revive" Campaign.  With this campaign, P-Bandai is set to reproduce 5 previous released Gundam Converge figures based on users' vote.  And one new Gundam Converge figure will be added to complete the set to listed for sale later exclusively at the P-Bandai website.
The selected 6 converge figures will be given a slightly difference in modeling / color scheme to set them apart from the previous release.
Campaign Summary:
MISSION 1 (Jun 25th - Jul 19th, 2013)
Determine the top 30 FW Gundam Converge figures from a pre-selected 68 to advance MISSION 2.
MISSION 2 (Jul 25th - Aug 19th, 2013)
MISSION 1 result announced. Determine the top 10 figures from MISSION 1's 30 selected figures
*Participant in MISSION 2 requires a registered user account on P-Bandai website*
MISSION 2 Result Announced (Aug 23rd, 2013)
The selected 10 figures will be announced
LAST MISSION (Aug 31st - Sept 1st, 2013)
5 figures will be determined for REVIVE
RESULT (Sept 25th, 2013)
Announcement of the 5 REVIVE figures

[Update 8/31/13]
10 Final FW Gundam Converge Figures To Be Revived
Final results will be posted on Sept 25th 2013.
More info:

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