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C3 x Hobby 2013 (Hong Kong) - Ikeda Shuichi (Voice Actor of Char Aznable / Full Frontal) Stage Appearence

C3 x Hobby 2013 (Hong Kong) - Ikeda Shuichi Stage Appearence (Inteview)
At today's C3 Hong Kong, Mr. Ikeda Shuichi (Voice actor of Char Aznable / Full Frontal) made an appearence on stage to share about his experience working on the Gundam UC OVA series.  CyberGundam wrote a summarization of the interview on his blog, and here are some translated highlights by Team GG:
- Ikeda shared how enjoyed Hong Kong's fine wines and cuisines, especially Hong Kong's abalone dish.  Abalone is a delicacy (edible sea snail, marine gastropod molluscs) enjoyed by the Chinese on special occasions.
- When asked if there were any difference playing the part of Char Aznable & Full Frontal.  Ikeda shared that character wise, there is not much difference, since Full Frontal is the 2nd coming of Char.  But on a personal note, he shared that the last time he play the part was 30 years ago.  With today's more advanced recording technologies, it felt a bit different when voicing for Full Frontal.
- Ikeda shared of all the Gundam series to date, his favorite is still the original Mobile Suit Gundam, especially (obviously) the character of Char Aznable and his MG-06S Char's Zaku II.  He also shared that he like some of the music/songs from the series.  He is thankful that through out the past 30 years that he was given the opportunity to voice act in various Gundam series.
- Ikeda performed live voice acting on various scenes from the recent Gundam UC episode with another voice actor from Hong Kong.
- At the end of the stage appearence, Ikeda shared he looks forward to the last Gundam UC episode 7 that is set to be released in Spring 2014.  He also surprised the attendees by announcing that 2014 will be the 35th anniversary of Mobile Suit Gundam, and he look forward to meeting with them again with the animated release of Mobile Suit Gundam The Origin

Images via Hong Kong Figure Club


  1. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

    This is Huge even bigger than angry birds air swimmers. This just got Real, Gundam Origin Manga this month, and Gundam Origin Anime next year.


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