Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Bandai Namco Games: SD Gundam Operation (Yahoo! Games) - New Content

Bandai Namco Games browser based video game SD Gundam Operations on Yahoo! Games. The game require users to have both a PC and an ID on Yahoo! JAPAN to play this game. The game can be operated by just using a mouse alone.
The 3rd "Team Based Battle" To Open on April 2nd 2013
6 vs 6 multiplayer game match!
PP (Pilot Point) Up Campaign From March 27th to April 3rd 2013
When winning a battle in the "Gundam Battle Colliseum", player will gain both VP (Victory Point) as well as PP (Pilot Points) during the campaign.
New Boss Unit: Astray Red Fram Power Loader will appear in the game for a limited time from March 27th to April 3rd! 
Successfully destroying this unit 6 times in Chance Gasha S will reward player with the Ginn (Elijah Custom) & Astray Gold Frame Amatsu

New Ace Unit: Justice Gundam is added to the game playable unit line-up!

Images via Gundam.Info

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