Tuesday, January 15, 2013

SDGO's "Mission & Battle Play Bonus 2nd" event begins 1/14!

SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online begins its "Mission & Battle Play Bonus 2nd" event, with rewards for PvP and mission play, January 14th! 
During the event, split into two weeks, you'll have two chances to win prizes through daily logins, daily mission completion, and PvP kill count. Play both and receive an extra-special bonus!
Rewards await you! Give it a try!

"Mission & Battle Play Bonus 2nd" event
During each weeklong period, clear three missions or rack up five PvP kills a day to work toward coins, EXP packs, game points, rare capsules, and Level Protectors!

Event period
[Week A] 1/14–20
[Week B] 1/21–27

Reward distribution
Week A: 1/24
Week B: 1/31

For more info, click here!

* Details subject to change for technical reasons.

Produced by Bandai Korea
Developed by Softmax / Published by CJ Internet Japan.

Info via Gundam.Info

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