Friday, October 19, 2012

Gundam meets Doraemon!

Gundam meets Doraemon!
This would be a great Doraemon side story.  Who would win Char or Doraemon?
Image via Toysdaily


  1. It's pretty clear that Char has lost. His zaku has been maimed and he's been ejected from it! Doraemon is about to bicycle-kick him in the junk and finish him off!!

    1. How can Doraemon do that when Char is 3X faster than everything else, including the colour Blue?

      Char also is one of the strongest Newtypes, albeit deluded.

      Its also pretty evident from this picture that Doraemon and his pals are all about to get a massive Char Comet Kick to the faces!

  2. I think that colony's about to win. XD

  3. Char doesn't even need his Zaku to win

  4. shizuka panties ? lol, they dont have to show that thing. we already know she's the only girl there :D

    why tall nobita knee seems bent bakcwards ?


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