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Robot Damashii (Side MS): Altron Gundam - New Image [8/24/12]

Robot Damashii (Side MS): Altron Gundam (Release Date: Nov 2012, Price: 4,200 yen)
Official Images:


Images via Cybergundam Blog


  1. Why is the trident blue?

    1. @Anon (5:50 AM):

      Maybe because there's plenty of green on Altron's torso, shoulders, arms, and cannons? Perhaps it's the lighting causing it to look blue, or maybe they thought it looks better (again, since there's plenty of green), who knows? *shrug*

      Whether in green or in blue, the effects themselves look good. The figure also looks great. And with the articulation and gimmicks displayed as efficiently as that, it already looks like it'll easily put my MSiA Altron to shame.

  2. Now, ever wondering why MG Shen Long didn't have extendable arms like this one ? lol.

    Blame bandai for ruining mg shen long.

    1. Because MG Shen Long is based on the Hajime Katoki redesigns and not the TV Kunio Okawara original designs.... this should be common knowledge by now.

    2. fucking idiot... who is the laughing stock now?

    3. I also didn't buy mg shenlong because it didn't have extendable arms.
      If only it had that feature, I would buy mg shenlong.

      Now mg shenlong is out of question, I can only hope MG Altron will be released and have those extendable arms.

      It's a unique feature you know, no mg has that so far.
      Without that, mg shenlong is no different with other mg, what's the point of buying if it's the same ?

    4. @Eri-san:

      It's aesthetics. What primarily makes MGs and other Gunpla different from one another are their aesthetics. I like Katoki's Shenlong because of it's aesthetics. I find the way it looks to be superior to Okawara's Shenlong or Altron, and I even find the way it looks superior to Katoki's Altron. (Though not by a lot; Katoki purposefully made the upgraded units very similar to the initial units when he redesigned them.)

      Sure, extendable arms was a big deal for Shenlong, and it's unfortunate Katoki removed that feature when he redesigned Shenlong way back when (I guess to make his Altron that much more powerful), but as a newcomer to building MGs, I still want to get MG Shenlong for it's sleeker aesthetics.

      It boils down to a matter of taste. You're more focused on gimmicks with MGs than I am, so we'll be disagreeing here. I say not to trash the EW version of Shenlong as an MG simply because Katoki didn't build extendable arms into it. It's aesthetics are consistent with Okawara's original version, but sleeker in comparison. I say one's taste being agreeable with it'e aesthetics is enough a reason to get it.

      Besides, I'm sure they would've screwed something up with the MG if they had that gimmick implemented somehow; I've read so many complaints about transformable MGs and their lack of stability, or articulation sacrificed for the sake of gimmicks. (Also, I haven't read unique shoulder armor/chest missiles/cockpit-to-core-fighter gimmicks as reasons for people getting an MG Turn A Gundam. People are usually attracted or turned off to it's aesthetics.)

  3. ah my first gundam.. bought the 1/100 way back 2001. i was on grade 6 back then :)

  4. What scale is this 1/144 right ?

    1. @Anon (9:54 AM):

      Not really; Robot Damashii figures are non-scaled. Even if Altron might be scaled (roughly or accurately) to the other Wing units in the Robot Damashii lineup, RD figures don't have an actual scale. I wouldn't be surprised if Altron matches or surpasses a few HGUC models in height, including some Unicorn Gunpla. I've seem to notice that RD figures based on 15-16 meter-tall MS are usually the same size, whilst taller MS designs are usually of a smaller size.

      But the Altron (and others) aren't considerably taller than 1/144 Gunpla, so if you happen to not be the nitpicky type, then the fact that RD figures like Altron or Victory being taller than some 1/144s by a bit shouldn't bother you.


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