Saturday, June 30, 2012

MS-06 Zaku Tofu Campaign (Sagamiya Foods) - Heat Hawk Spoon Lottery Draw Campaign

MS-06 Zaku Tofu Campaign (Sagamiya Foods)
The MS-06 Zaku Tofu is a tofu treat which was a big hit in Japan ever since the product was released this past March.  The release gained even more popularity during a limited release of the product with an exclusive heat hawk spoon. But many had missed out getting the limited release, so Sagamiya Foods will once again promote a special MS-06 Zaku Tofu Campaign (Japan Only)!
Between July 1st - August 31st, 2012, any purchase of the MS-06 Zaku Tofu treat will include a form for folks to enter the Heat Hawk spoon lottery draw contest.   500 winners will be chosen to receive the special Heat Hawk spoon.
Info via Gundam.Info, Info translated by Team GG

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