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MG 1/100 Gundam AGE-1 Titus - Review by Team GG

MG 1/100 Gundam AGE-1 Titus
Review by Team GG [Falldog]

The MG AGE-1 Titus is extremely poseable. Good degrees of articulation the arms, legs, and even the head/neck. The shoulders can spin 360 vertical degrees as well as rotate forward and backward in relation to the torso. In addition Bandai uses a new joint which adds an additional upward twist to the shoulder.

Titus’ feet have a larger footprint forward than rear. For the most part this isn’t an issue until you start to move the arms toward the center of the kit, potentially causing the kit to be back heavy. While an action base would enable a lot more fun poses it’s not a necessity to enjoy the kit. 
As with any kit there are going to be a some areas of inherent weakness. For the most part the AGE-1 Titus is rather strong. There are a lot of polycap joints throughout the kit which do a good job holding things in place. The arms and legs, despite their large size, stay in place extremely well.

The large ankle armor however is does not use a polycap joint and tends to just flop around a bit. It’s not really an issue though as design wise it’s pretty much supposed to sit low. The cockpit area doesn’t secure as tightly as I would like but it doesn’t flop open on its own. The same can be said for the rear wing. It stays securely in place but can pop out during posing.
My biggest issue with kit is all in the arms. There’s some poor design elements between the shoulder and forearm starting with the shoulder-to-arm joint. The joining piece is incredibly short and you’re like to pop the arm off. Oddly the forearm joint where you attach the beam lariat is much tighter. When you go to attach the beam gimmick you’ll likely take half the arm apart in the process. The hand option pieces are also incredibly loose and tend to pop off a lot.

Thus far I haven’t had any issues with the head or legs.
Just remember is that despite the kit looking beefy and sturdy, it’s still a kit, not an action figure.
Unfortunately Bandai decided to give us HG style option kits for the hands. The thumb, unlike most MG kits, is actually jointed in the middle. For the main four fingers come either as a curled fist, a flat palm, or in somewhat of a grasping position. They look good, but as mentioned before, doesn’t exactly feature the most secure attachment to the rest of the hand. Like others I would’ve prefered if Bandai had just given us enlarged, jointed fingers.

I also found out that it was somewhat awkward trying to figure out just how to place the thumb when using the fist pieces. It just seemed too large and out of place. Turns out, it really is just too large. With normal human like proportions the first bone (proximal phlange) on the thumb is shorter than that of the index finger. On the MG AGE-1 Titus the proportions are background and the thumb is actually larger than the index finger. The fist portions carry onto the other option hands but it’s less noticeable when the fingers aren’t bunched together.
Titus comes with two beam lariats (one for each arm) and 14 beam spikes for the shoulders & knees. Bandai was also kind enough to include a little holder for the spikes. Just snip it from the runner and you’ve got a handy way to keep any of those unused pieces together.

I also want to note that the lariats and beam spikes fit securely and fell off a lot less than I expected. A very well implemented gimmick.
In addition to the random assortment of dry-rub decals, stickers, and detail stickers for the eyes, Bandai also threw in a some foil stickers to use behind the clear green parts. These shiny stickers can go behind the chest’s A piece, the eyes, and the A piece on the forehead, allowing light to reflect back out. They’re really thin and extremely fragile. With the small clearances required to get them properly into place I highly recommend using a pair of tweezers to put them into place. Luckily Bandai appears to be including two sets (assuming my kit wasn’t just a fluke) to help folks like me who royally mess up the first time around.

If you’re a fan of the Titus design this kit is a must by for you. If you want a beefy and posable kit in your collection this is the best place to start. The high poseability and joints which have no problem bearing weight are going to result in tons of fun.
From a build perspective there are a bit of tricky parts, such as the stickers, that mean the kit may not be suitable as a first time MG. Everyone else should be able to build this baby with ease. As a reminder, the AGE-1 Titus does not come with parts for the AGE-1 Normal.


  1. Yay, a new Falldog review! Great write-up and pics!

    1. Agreed.

      :: adds to list of GunPla to buy ::

      :: waits for Patrick Grade to finish review on kit on YouTube ::

      :: waits for MG Sparrow ::

      :: waits for MG Exia R2 ::

    2. Glad ya like. I feel as though I didn't do the kit justice on account of some personal stuff I'm working through.


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