Wednesday, April 4, 2012

AG 1/144 Gundam AGE-3 Normal - New Wallpaper Size Images

AG 1/144 Gundam AGE-3 Normal (Release Date: Apr 2012, Price: 800 yen)
Coutesy of Bluefin Distribution


  1. extremely ugly...

  2. Kanetake Ebikawa need study from Takayuki Yanase about designing bulky mecha

  3. Well he couldnt exactly replicate Seravee all over again. The key was to keep it as slim and mobile as possible. Looks like the 3rd gen will be focused on speed and firepower.

    Really dont get the 3rd gen's underhand grip though

    1. Holding it like a bazooka or RPG presents a larger profile and will make it a bigger target, also the under hand grip allows it to maximize limb movement. The fins or whatever those things on the shoulders are will just get in the, never mind the head.


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