Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn 'The Black Unicorn' Blu-Ray & DVD [Episode Synopsis Added]

Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn 'The Black Unicorn' Blu-Ray & DVD  (Theatrical Release Date: May 19th 2012,  Blu-Ray & DVD Release Date: Jun 8th 2012)
Episode Synopsis [Spoilers Below]:
Banagher is attacked by the black mobile suit Banshee, and taken into custody.  Backed into a corner, he still continues to conceal the new coordinates leading to Laplace's Box which were revealed by the Unicorn Gundam. Bright, the commander of the Londo Bell, sees in Banagher the dignity and possibility shown by generations of Gundam pilots, and he finds help from old firends he once fought beside.
Meanwhile, Mineva has been handed over from Ronan to Martha, and she is transferred to the giant transport plane Garuda as a pawn to make Banagher talk.  The conflict surrounding the Box soars to a high altitude and, finally, back into space...
Images from A.E.Media & Yaraon
Info via http://www.gundam-unicorn.net/en/world/index.html


  1. Any word on where those of us in the US will be able to purchase further episodes of UC, seeing as the Bandai Ent store is closed. I'll assume Amazon like the first ep, and PSN as well.

  2. "and he finds help from old friends he once fought beside." ---> Amuro ????

  3. or maybe some of the cast from 0079, zeta, and zz will make cameos. this is, after all, a celebration of the universal century gundams

  4. 'possibility shown by generations of Gundam pilots'

    Specifically Gundam pilots. Here's to hoping we see Kamille and Judau cameos

  5. I bet one of em is gonna be Kai Shiden (hes a reporter/info gatherer remember in Zeta?) and hopefully Sayla? Everyone else I can't see being of any use or they're dead or mia (Hayato and Amuro). Kamille I don't think would want any part of this (if he is even recovered). Judau on the other hand is a strong possibility I hope :D

  6. I will say Kamille will make an appearance. Judau will be very unlikely since he has been to Jupiter since the end of ZZ.


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