Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Gundam AGE Gaiden (Side Story) Manga Series [Translation via Zeonic|Scanlation]

Gundam AGE Gaiden (Side Story) 'Memories of Sid' Manga Series
Manga by: Hiroshi Nakanishi
The space pirates “Visidian” took advantage of the war and expanded their power. One day one of it’s members, Wivik, was ordered to come up with a strategy to obtain the “treasure” the space pirates were always in search of. Wivik and crew sneaked into an asteroid in search of the “treasure” but lying in wait for them was a platoon led by former Federation Forces ace Largan Drace. Both sides clash, but a gigantic mysterious mobile suit appears between the two!
What is the treasure?
What is this huge mobile suit?
What course will the Federation Forces vs Space Pirates battle take?!
Many mysteries are hidden in the anime’s official side story!
Wivik Lambro: Son of the space pirate “Visidian” leader. Aspires to be the next captain.
Captain Angrazzo: Leader of the “Visidian” space pirates. Although he was a former member of the Federation Forces special forces, he caught on to the Federation’s injustices and in order to oppose them formed the group.
Largan Drace: Veteran pilot of the Earth Federation Forces.
Jazooey Breeze: Member of Visidian. Age 29.
Giml Manning: Member of Visidian. Age 39.
Dam Bradey: Member of Visidian. Age 18.
Info Translated by Zeonic|Scanlation


  1. This must be in 2nd generation era since Largan has aged much...

  2. Wouldn't surprise me if that's his son. Black g-exes looks asome btw.


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