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PSP: Mobile Suit Gundam Mokuba no Kiseki [The Path of the Trojan Horse] - New Game Screenshots

PSP: Mobile Suit Gundam Mokuba no Kiseki [The Path of the Trojan Horse]
(Release Date: Jan 26th 2012, Price: 6280 yen)
Official Website: http://wb.channel.or.jp/
Mobile Suit Gundam: Mokuba no Kiseki (Trail of the Wooden Horse) for the PlayStation Portable will be release in Japan on January 26. The real-time simulation game will retrace the franchise's One Year War from the point of view of the character Bright Noa. The player will be able to command the White Base mobile suit carrier, and will fight on battlefields featured in the first Mobile Suit Gundam television anime series.
The game consist of 2 game modes:
Battlefield Mode:  During the Battlefield Mode, player can choose the course of the battle by selecting the various battle locations to participate on the map.   The game interface display the strength of the enemy on the map, allowing the player to choose the best course to move his forces.
Local Battle Mode:  This phase is where the action take place.  The player will lead his force into combat by giving instruction to the units under his command to battle the enemy, the "Principality of Zeon".
During Battlefield Mode can assign units in a platoon.  Each MS platoon can be organized with up to 3 mobile suit units, while aerial platoon can be assigned up to 5 units.   Commands can be assigned to each platoon according to the role you want them to play during the Local Battle Mode.  During battle, player does not have the ability to control the platoons manually, but the platoon AI will act according the the command assigned..
Each unit can be outfitted with armament to fit the role of the platoon assignment.  
Crew organization & stats plays a key role with how well the White Base performs in battle. 
Platoon can be assiged to escort other ally units.  By doing do, they will move together and platoon will defend when enemy attacks its escort.
The Prototype Gundam will be avaliable as a playable unit in Stage 1.  If this unit is destroy in mission, it will no longer be avaliable in subsequent missions.  But if it survives, the units can continue to be used. 
Images from Dengeki Online

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  1. i hope they release an english version :( its unfair that i cant read a thing


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