Saturday, January 14, 2012


We have completed updating the BEST GUNPLA PHOTO Category, and is now going to do a quick review to make sure we didn't miss anyone.  And judging for this category will commence shortly.
Steven Kusdiandi
Peter Cheng
Yudi Hardimulya

Bangun Rizky Desamba
Muhamed Sukry
 Richard Shie
 Jamie Pinto
 Jeffrey Olano
 Jodel Kagaoan
 Kevin -Tomo- Chrisostomo
 Ching Kien Huo
 CK Tong
 Muhammad Wira Baskoro
 Nichols Sayson
 Ralph Andres
 Ramiro Armenta
 Reza Pandu Aji
 Roland Lim
 Rosaln Japar
 Samuel Yeoh
 Selesta Sagita F
 Ifan Clef
Paulo Robert Sumera
 Chinchilla Guiterrez
 Brandon James Dodson
 Fajar Mandari
 John Oliver Mateo
 John Paul A. Plantilla
 Michael Lau
 Rahmat Ramadhani
Tommy Lee
 Wibi Gunawan
 Wilfred Teo
Chandra I. Arianto

 Dante Ricasata Jr.
 Daryl Mitra
 Ed Carlo E. Palao
 Ernest Zarzuela
 Gianpaolo Paparo
John Markham
Anthony Wong
Einhenzer Chen
Hadi Winata
Carolyn Langreder 'Rena Innocenti'
Gabriel Jimenez
Harvey Lienardo
Jin Choi
Joshua Mari Guinoo
Karlo Dela Cruz
Kheh Hong
Wayne Chung
Kevin Alvianto Setiawan
Kamil Blaszczak
Farid Ahmad Kendong
Hethler De Chavez
Kang Pinn Eng
Nick Bergenske
Vincent Bosmans
Yasuo Arakaki
Nghiem Quyen Xuan
 Christopher Lim
Nicolaus Naibaho
Michael Norberto Jabile Jr.
Billy M. Molina
 Kristopher Mark S. Advincula
 Christopher Lim
 Matt Tomczek
 Maynard de Guzman
 Mohd Azahar
 Pavel Golovanov
 Mohaf Prahara Arya
 Matthew Cooper
 Raymond Palaroan
 Rebecca J. Bajet
 May Sayad Nakoh
 Rodel Cruz
 Roy Librata
 Sean Carlisle
 Teh Tian Hong
 Trevor Lai
 Wai Lun Li
 William Lee
 Yeo Zhi Yong
 Yudha Pratama Sudadi
Michael Mansueto Janoy
Gerry Jay
Kevin Goh
Axel Rajarja
Hendra Tjahyono
Ivan Fernandez
Jan Michael Co
Jayesh Jasvantlal
Jez Templeton
Kevin Marsoul
Kevin Heung
Ryan Sabastian Tamasoleng
Jeff Huang
Daud Tami 'Ocey'
Davi Lourenco Galvao
Dustin Lyne
Earl P. Villa
Eric Enriquez
Fajar Mandari
Fandi Hidayat
Frank Chen
Ivan Wong
 Aga Bonn Christian Bajet
 Aldrin Co
 Allen Medina
 Astra Foo
 Bambang Sugiato
 Brain Madya Narendra
 Michael Litten
 Carlo Angelo R. Madayag
 Chang Hua Yuan
 Chris Lakin
 Dade Bell
 Daniel Bars
 Adrian Wijaya
 Arnold Jay Sarmiento
 Chessanova Wirabuana
 Chris Cooke
 Deo Paolo Villaranda
 Eric Capucion
 Mohd Hashim Abdullah
 Hendrik Kurnisawan
 Henry Feng
 Ng Chun Da
 Jimmy Bautista
 Kanogawa Hiro
 Jan-Paolo Alandy
 Raymond P. Orellana
 Michael Angelo P. Manlapaz
 Shinn Andrian
 Surya Saputro Hardjo Ali
 Voon Wai Kuen
 Arlene Isaac
Jay Isaac
Kyon Charles
Abdul Bahrain
Agung K Husodo
Chai Vui Kian
Clifford Go
Edwin Soemargo
Gary Wintin
Jhossue Jimenez
Jonathan Olabre
Patrick William D Guinto
Ivan Wijaya
Antonis Ampatzoglou
Dan Marks
Jethro Joshua Marigza
Joseph Bassett
Kemn Aubrey Sugapong
Levi Carlo G. Espino
Edward Tan
Wan Bujang Wan Lela
Lukas Aris
Rodrigo Ivan Ramos Rodea
Christian Budiwaluyo
Ricky Ng
Andrew Max
Fabian Tersan
Kent M Depamaylo
Michal Lamch
Micheal Kim


  1. wonder what that blue MS Kent M Depamaylo made... looks cool & awesome!

  2. the avalance exia looks awesome ... good photograph and editing :)

  3. hmm.. Lucas's photo have 2 gunplas.
    is that allowed 2 gunplas in 1 photo for this category??

  4. the first photo should be in the diorama since its got 2 MG's in it. are they're judges here or is it all random post here.

  5. Not only that judges fail to see that the other entry has a base on the shot and the other one used a computer generated for the back ground.

  6. are the best!!!!

    braive ken

  7. Im pretty sure that in the rules for best gunpla photo they said it could be a diorama so the two astrays should be in this category

  8. Gai's Hyperion from Frame Astrays? Awesome!

  9. Yay! There's my entry!

    The first pic of Wing Gundam Zero. :D

  10. Axel Willyandre RaharjaDecember 28, 2011 at 3:12 AM

    Why my entry not posted beside I not haven't take the rejection e-mail?

  11. Ivan's pic of the SD Unicorn is simply awesome.

  12. I'm so happy my Strike Vs Ginn made it~XD

  13. The Gundam that belongs to Fabian Tersan is really dark that I even cant see its details..

  14. Haven't seen my entries yet and it's already January 1st so I'm anxious if I made it or not. I haven't received a rejection email yet though :(

  15. @Hethler : it means that you're still in ... be patient and wait for the next update, which i do the same :). Rgrds.

  16. Oh Yeah! i've seen mine but in my case there are so many much better photos.. I'm just happy my "baby" had a chance to show up in a contest

  17. hrmmm... i have also submitted an entry for this categ on Dec 30. yet, although updated, my entry did not show up. I haven't still received an email regarding disqualification.

  18. Any entries won't be rejected in this category, imo. Unless if you submitted images more than 1 mb per images...

  19. Errr ... didn't you miss something, sir? Mine hasn't showed up here yet :).

  20. Guys, just give some patience. They will eventually upload your photos here as mine took sometime as well. :)

  21. GG, i don't see my image updated in it... where is it..

  22. let me guess..the 3 entries above are the winners...?

  23. These are all so beautiful :)
    I wouldn't want to be the guy who has to judge! They're all so great :)

  24. This comment has been removed by the author.

  25. I also sent my entry for this catagory on the same day I sent mine for another. And my other pic is posted.

  26. Something's fishy around here though... GG said that the update is completed but still there are ppl who said their entries were not posted... Wonder if this contest will be a fair one...

    Logically speaking any entry submitted for this category should not be disqualified for this category as any photo will do, regardless of quality. In fact the only ones to be disqualified should be those which have been photoshopped as any slight touch up on the photo will make a BIG difference though the rule doesn't state so.

    Anyway I hope GG will Re-update this post as it'll be fair to everyone, both the contestants and the viewers. By the way, Good Luck to all.

  27. I can't see my entry (MG RB-79K Ball) here either :(.
    If this is the final completed update, well i think you've broken many hearts, sir. Pls consider to recheck all of the entries of this category.
    Congrats to all participants who passed the pre-eliminary selection and good luck.

  28. For those who does not see your image here, but submitted an entry, we will double check our emails again. We received a total 600+ entries, so there might be some that fell thru, or for some other reasons.

    For those who complains about contest is fishy or not fair, or what have you. GG and another member actually came in over the weekend to process a lot of images during the holiday. At least show some appreciation...

  29. Hi GG, same as some of the other guys above, one of entries is posted in diorama, but my best photo and straight build entries have been missed!

  30. I am not sure how GG plan to handle your requests. But for now, for those who do not see you entry here. Forwards to us your previous emails that you submit your entry with. Once we receive it, we will search thru our email to find your email just to be sure you submit it before the deadline.

  31. Thank you for your quick response, Dan :). I really appreciate this.
    I also give credits to all of GG Team who have worked really hard processing hundred of entries during the holiday seasson.
    Btw, i've forwarded my previous submission email, pls check it out. Thanks.


  32. So I guess my entry is out then? Because I submitted mine a few hours after the deadline but I wasn't sure if 12am 31st was the cutoff or if the 31st was the last day to submit(as in entries would still be accepted during the 31st until 11:59 pm. or a specified time). I should have figured that it was the former but I kept thinking in the back of my head that it was the latter. I didn't receive an e-mail of rejection, but I did suspect that it would be too much to send every late entry an e-mail and that I was out. Oh well, there is next time I suppose.

  33. I've just forwarded my previous email to you...please check..

  34. cool.. glad to see my gm striker here at last..

  35. My entry for this category but I didn't received any email saying that I'm disqualify as stated on it's rule. Please check...

  36. Forwarded my email too. Kindly check. Thanks!

  37. I do appreciate team GG and their hardwork but the team has to buck up the effort in checking entries here as many have been missed out.

    The team should also re-review the entries for straight build category. Like the comments in that category said, some entries which had been painted some parts other than panel lining should be disqualified. One in that category even had custom parts, I won't mention the contestant's name so all I'll say is its from the 00 series.

    For straight build entry, the best place to check if there's any additional painting is to counter-check with Dalong as his models only have panel lining with no additional parts painted.

    I hope you read all the comments in a constructive manner and do a thorough check for not only those re-submitted but also the existing entries, especially for straight build.
    Again, I understand the workload you all have and appreciate your efforts.

  38. uhmm ... little correction, dalong not just did panel lining, he also painted some parts to get matched with the original box art.

  39. From GG via Facebook:
    "This category is still being updated, apparently upon checking our spam folder, there are number of entries there, and we are hitting them now."

  40. Glad that has been clear up. Look forward to seeing my entry. My guess is that so many email with the word Best Photo that caused them to go to spam. LOL

  41. My entry is now here. Thank you for your intervention :)

  42. aww man... my trans-am system exia still not up yet? its already up in the straight build category

  43. Anyone who use photoshop should be disqualified here.

  44. rooting for andrew max on this category!

  45. All so nice

    Excuse me for my ignorance, but Mr. Joseph Bassett over there... It's that A Fender with Gibson Les Paul Custom paint? wired @_@

    1. Yes. The Extreme Gundam comes with a Beam Rifle that, to me anyway, is modeled after the Gibson Explorer ( This wood finish is just my favorite type of finish for a guitar.

  46. Kudos to team GG for putting on a fun contest. Double kudos for handling the concerns about submisions so promptly!

  47. Does anyone know which Wing Zero Custom kit Jin Choi's piece is? Looks like a 1/144?

  48. My entry for straight built is already posted, however my entry for this category is not yet posted, how come?

  49. Axel Willyandre RaharjaJanuary 10, 2012 at 5:07 AM

    My last name is not Rajarja, but Raharja

  50. see that Ifan Cusianto is the same person with Ifan Clef...

  51. Hey G.G, Fajar Mandari's picture is already posted.

  52. dear G.G, please correct my name to Roslan Japar instead of Rosaln Japar, misspelling i suppose. My entry is the NG 1/100 Astray Green Frame. Thank you ^^

  53. hi any news or updates who are the semi finalists ^_^

  54. i wonder how's the result go on...
    it's already may tomorrow... curious..

  55. Soon?? it's been take more than 2 month I guess.. What happen to this contest.. why it takes so long?? how long should we have to wait?

  56. GG, it's already July! 2 more weeks then its August. What happen to this contest, GG?? You could have at least tell us if you and the judges decided not to continue this. I know you & the other judges are busy with their own businesses and stuff but... c'mon.

  57. seriously,what happened? did you drop the last of the contest all together?

  58. what happen here? any results???

  59. 2013 already what happen here :(


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