Monday, December 5, 2011

1/100 RX-93 v Gundam - Scratch Build

1/100 RX-93 v Gundam - Scratch Build
Modeled by sada
*Modeler used the MG Hi-V Gundam as the base model & scratch build various body parts*


  1. NICE!!!... but fails if they use the original parts of the hi-nu's waist section.

    The waist-leg joints. That parts are particulary crappy: poor desing, bad quality... anyway, this mod looks really, really NICE.

    10 stars!!

  2. That's almost too good to be true!
    I hope the builder is proud of themselves...What skill :o

  3. bandai, enough of these age kits and wing mg's and start making more 2.0 kits dammit

  4. I am at a lost for words. Simply amazing!!

  5. Nu Gundam isn't just for show! But it's still stunningly beautiful though, amazing work!


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