Monday, November 14, 2011

MG 1/100 Heavyarms Gundam EW - New Official Images

MG 1/100 Heavyarms Gundam EW (Release Date: Jan 2012, Price: 3990 yen)
Images from Gtoys Blog


  1. that's quite the seam on the gatling gun.

  2. That Army knife sure look comically huge. Still love the kit though.

  3. knife needs to be bigger LOL...swapping that out for exia

  4. Rather than disagreeing with myself while pointing out flaws (and being unable to do so in one stroke), I'll just point out the only major flaw that happens to matter; the knife add-on should be on the "bottom" of the forearm, not the side. I believe it happens to be that way in the EW:GotD manga (as it was with Okawara's Heavyarms in the TV series).

    The knife is just right; if Heavyarms needs a broadsword of a knife, a beam saber will do. I fail to understand why it would be too large and yet Strike Gundam's needle points is okay in a melee combat involving 15-20 meter tall giant robots... Isn't it easier to divide MSs in half rather than to try precision strikes to their cockpits? *shrug* (That's not even bringing up the feasibility of MSs in the real world and that all this is just rule of cool that all of us are interested in.)

    I don't mind any seams so much; it's a model, and I'm used to seems after working with countless 1/144 models nobody here would touch (you guys are really missing out). And Heavyarms looks damn cool as an MG.

  5. uh-uh, it seems the white part on the shoulder vents easily pop off. But then again, the uber-complex skirts on my D-Hell keep falling off; what's new?

    The point you bring out re: the Army Knife is quite hilarious. I too think the knife is just of the right size; it's very reminiscent of the awesomeness that is the Monomolecular cutter of FMP! fame in terms of scale. We seriously need more knives in Gundam (can't wait to see the Sparrow in action).

    The seam on the gatling, while huge and annoying to look at out-of-the-box, isn't really that much, either. At least it isn't like the seams on the D-Hell's wings DX.

  6. Did anyone else notice all the nubs on the feeding belt for the Gatling gun?

    I count 30 threads on it, so a total of 60 nubs just for that part!

  7. @Anonymous:
    Wow, nice find. The belt also looks like it's a copy of the G05's (I see four wires inside). At least the parts are flat. I remember how annoying it was to clean the spikes of the Gundam Hammer. XP

  8. It's strange no online store has open this MG Heavyrarms EW for pre-order yet even though it's scheduled for January.

  9. overall proportions looks good. weaponry also great.
    I'll buy this one for sure. had waiting for this for a long time.. ^__^

  10. Comparing it with the Katoki illustrations, some details were a bit off. The bullet ribbon should be attached at the side at the bottom of the canister, not at the bottom. Also, the knife was originally designed to go under the elbow not on the side. Also take notice of the extensions on the shoulders, they added a tiny slab in it. If they are planning on making the add-on Igel, I think they'll have a tough time mounting it on that. But then again it may just be me freaking out over tiny details. It's Freaking awesome non the less. I'll definitely buy three, one to paint, one to play with and one for to keep in a box untouched :P

  11. Big Fan of Heavyarms and this models delivers only criticism is that the gatling gun isnt conected to his arm like Heavyarms or Heavyarms kie but ow well still awesome.


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