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Gundam AGE: The Mystery of the U.E. [Unknown Enemy] Revealed?!

The mystery of the U.E. [Unknown Enemy] is revealed?   *Spoilers Below*
According to a post from CyberGundam (Hopefully I did not misread the content):
"U.E. (Unknown Enemy) are robot mobile suits created by the Hino company 100 years in the future to assist in the development of the AGE System, with the ultimate goal to create the most powerful Gundam.  A 100 years from now, a terrible enemy will be attacking Earth (not the U.E.), and Earth's technologies will be insufficient to meet this threat, facing total annihilation.  This is the reason why the U.E. is attacking, in order to help produce a more powerful Gundam to save the future." 

Thanks to Anonymous (posted under comment), more info was provided:
- UE avoid killing Flit on purpose for the above reasons, so they killed his mother instead to give him motive
- The actual final battle will be shown as a movie
- Yurin is an artificial newtype from the future. She is sent to support Flit and also, uh... bear his child, which will then become a hyper newtype. She is also designed to have looks that make Flit fall at the first sight

Translated Source: CyberGundam
UE 是100年後的日野家企業製造出來!!!

為了AGE系统的進化及製造100年後的究極Gundam, 所以UE要攻擊地球

由於100年後遇上可怕的敵人(不是UE), 未來的技術也不敵, 地球已到達被毁滅狀態.

這一刻的戰鬥是試鍊, 為了促進未來及創造最終技術

Original Source:





Q、 敵なのになぜそんな事をするの?

A、 実は真の敵はロボ軍団ではなく他にいる


The mystery of this new Gundam series, is what interest me the most at this point.  If the above info are true, it does shed some light on the events from the first 3 episodes, but at the same time it also raise more questions as well.  Is there time traveling involve in this series?  If the U.E. were created to help produce a powerful Gundam, with the goal to save Earth.  Then why are they attacking and killing so many?  Perhaps I am reading too much into this small piece of rumor, but certainly I look forward to watching the upcoming episodes with great interest.


  1. NO F*ckn way!? it's like preparations for the dialogues in Gundam 00. So the UE is like the Celestial Being of the series, but they're from the future? So UE are actually good guys or more like Anti-heroes similar to Celestial Being in which they had to be bad for the greater good.

    Well now we know the UE are not aliens, just F*ckn TIME TRAVELERS!

    And the supposed bigger badder enemy in 100 years? probability of being actual ALIENS 80%

  2. its kinda similar to the srw og story

  3. 2011, year of time travellers.

  4. god damn....they cant just tell them....they have to destroy cities to do it...

  5. omg time travel.
    final battle will be the final enemy vs. AGE-1, AGE-2, AGE-3.

  6. The Japanese source showed more details if you'd like to.

    - UE avoid killing Flit on purpose for the above reasons, so they killed his mother instead to give him motive
    - The actual final battle will be shown as a movie
    - Yurin is an artificial newtype from the future. She is sent to support Flit and also, uh... bear his child, which will then become a hyper newtype. She is also designed to have looks that make Flit fall at the first sight

    1. bullshit that is only rumor
      Yurin Died

  7. Thanks ANonymous: post updated with your info.

  8. @AnaheimElectric

    That would be awesome!

  9. well... flit is pictured as grandfather, and will have son and grandson, but they they are all of the same age in this series. that makes this "time traveling" theory possible. just saying, this series is named "age", it do have connection with time, right?

  10. How quickly people forget the bull 2chan made up for their 00 "spoilers".

  11. Gundam meets Terminator, lol

  12. The 2ch 00 spoilers were proven true for the most part. Keep in mind that the last eps were greatly changed in order to accommodate the movie and many of the characters who were to die ended up surviving. So perhaps the spoiling person obtained an earlier copy of the script and was fired or something.

  13. Most of 2ch's 00 spoilers were nonsense, like when they revealed Ribbons would be overthrown by a child Innovade with Aeolia's memories.

    Why would an employee of Level-5, who has practically nothing to do with the anime despite 2ch's retarded howls of their ruining Gundam, have a script?

  14. Yeah I'm calling bullshit on leaks this damn early. Also, time travel in Gundam? I really, really doubt Sunrise would go that far.

    Let's all not forget that this is a JOINT project between Sunrise and Level-5; Level-5 isn't in complete control.

  15. looks like gundam storyline's following SRW OG's line in terms of war preparation etc but 'time travelling' eh...not bad...getting more futuristic...

  16. I hope its not true because its a bit similar with the plot of Gundam 00 with mysterios enemies that will attack earth (dialogues to come anyone?) Arghh

  17. Hmm...

    Preparations for an upcoming enemy sounds good, BUT, 00 has done that already with their "upcoming dialogue" and the ELS. So a reuse of plot is still to early for Gundam since 00 Movie was shown not so long ago.

    The U.E sounds good also since they follow a set of patterns as observed already by Flit, BUT, if they're indeed just machines, then why will the entire series take over a hundred years? Having the AGE system now, wouldn't the AGE system have all the necessary data it needs to defeat the U.E. by let's say the end of Flit's journey?

    Then the issue about time travel... that's definite BS!

    Also this has bothered me since episode 1... Given Flit's position when he was a kid, seeing his mom die and having a Gafran stand in front of him... How exactly did Flit survive that event?

    Then what's with Yurin? Why is she the only one so far that's displaying newtype like abilities? That one in itself is a huge question for me, since she displayed her powers and that it became a major element in episode 3, so that itself should say that such abilities have roles in the anime's plot...

    And finally, Yurin, WHY IS SHE LEAVING!? Can't she just stay and replace Emily? XD :D or even better, why can't she just replace that fat dumb looking kid... I mean he's far too useless anyway. Yurin, atleast is pretty useful due to her powers and I would like to see some harem in my childish gundam... XD :3

  18. Er... Butterfly Effect... If they kill so many people in the past, the future itself will change so much, doesn't make sense...

  19. its a gundam anime, its not suppose to make sense

  20. Most anons out there are liars, I can't believe that you can be this stupid to believe that. The Future is exciting only if it remains unknown, who knows maybe the whole thing is in fact an ARMS RACE?

  21. in me its an great series in story but the style not never to me im just thinking how they use the time machine

  22. isit possible that where flit is in is not the past. but rather a seperate time line, so UE can indiscriminately kill people and that will not affect their own future.

    its like flit is put into a incubator and his growth is accelerate thru the inteference of the UE

  23. i think that the els qan[t] might have gotten to the 100 years after of the AGE universe when it was going back to earth.


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