Tuesday, July 5, 2011

XXXG-01S2 Altron Gundam - Hobby Magazine (Aug Issue)

XXXG-01S2 Altron Gundam
MG 1/100 XXX-G01S Shenlong Gundam EW conversion


  1. ugh.. no offense but the wings look hideous.. would have been so so much better without the wngs

  2. OVERPOWERED XD love the custom though

  3. Actually, Gary, the wings are quite beautiful... Just not on this MG Shenlong kitbash. I get the modeler trying to use the MG Shenlong to make the (original) Okawara-designed Altron Gundam with a Katoki flair in the main body, and that would require wings.

    If it had to be Katoki-designed wings, though, I'd have waited to use Epyon's wings and try butchering them to be different. Or at least butcher those Wing Gundam wings it's using.

  4. Epyon's wings wud have suited it much better. The "dragon-esque" design both Epyon and Altron share.. haha..

  5. Haha.. I guess the Altron Gundam is suffering from an identity crisis judging from the wings... Xd

  6. I really love seeing those extendable folding arms. I think it's unique to altron, shenlong, and virsago.
    I'm still wondering why bandai omit it from mg shenlong.

  7. Nari, the reason it was "omitted" was because the design used for the MG was Hajime Katoki's (the guy who designs the Gundams in Endless Waltz). The guy who designed the original TV designs was Kunio Okawara. The folded-arms (and hammerspace for the extra links used in the anime) was his idea for Shenlong, Altron, and Virsago.

    When Hajime Katoki designed the sleeker version of Shenlong back in '97 (about fourteen years before it became an MG), I wonder if he ever intended Shenlong to have an extendable dragon fang. It would've been great to see, but it's still a cool design, nevertheless. I think MORUGA (the guy doing mechanics artwork for Frozen Teardrop) might've given it some extension when he did an art piece of Shenlong:


  8. Thanks for detailed info, Siroh32.. :)

    I see, so it's really "by design" back to 1997.. oh well.. =__=...
    Doesn't mean it's bad though, personally I like MG Shenlong sleek design.
    But perhaps because I've used to see the tv version too much, it feels like something important was missing... :(

    Anyway, I really hope bandai put at least one MG with extendable folding arms.
    Because it's highly probable that bandai would choose Altron Custom (Nataku) over normal Altron, my last hope would be Virsago.. =)

  9. Well i think they ARE better than the original wings in the serie (remember altron DOES have wings, crapy ones, but it have)

  10. Damn that BS, it looks bad ass pretty sick conversion all around but what PG did she get the thrusters for the legs

  11. any one know what parts were used to make the legs?

  12. is this kit still available?


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