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This Month's Gundam ACE (Aug Issue) Goes On Sale In Japan [POST UPDATED]

Mobile Suit Gundam anime project started!
Yesterday {Jun 25th}, the August's 10th anniversary issue of Gundam Ace went on sale in Japan. 
The August 2011 issue of Gundam Ace, due out today, June 25th, will be the 10th anniversary issue.
This anniversary deserves suitable commemoration. Thus, we are pleased to announce that the popular comic Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin, which began in the first issue and is now drawing to its conclusion, will be receiving an animated adaptation!
Yoshikazu Yasuhiko, character designer for the original Mobile Suit Gundam series, is also the author of its comics adaptation Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin. What form will this new animation project take?
Other featured article in this month's issue includes the debut of the new manga series 'Mobile Suit Gundam Z DeFine', as well as info about the upcoming animated 'Mobile Suit Gundam AGE' series.
Content Includes:
- Yoshikazu Yasuhiko’s Mobile Suit Gundam The Origin: Encounters in Space
The series reaches its conclusion in a 65-page feature, 25 of which are printed in full color!
At the end of his journey, what light is reflected in this wandering boy’s eyes? Don’t miss the shocking conclusion!
- The Origin animation project begins!
Yoshikazu Yasuhiko and Sunrise President Kenji Uchida comment on the show!
- Bonus The Origin business card case
- New this issue! Hiroyuki Kitazume’s Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam Define
- Mobile Suit Gundam AGE airs in October!
Source: Gundam.Info


  1. 'Hardcore' fans, happy now? Yes? Now sit down quietly and wag your doggy tails till the new series to come.

    (Seriously, 'loyal' fans? pffft)

    Whenever a non-UC series arrives, you dogs whined like hell, now what? Justice is served? Bless you canines.

  2. They're not hardcore, they're just UC RETARDS.

  3. Yea, pretty much justice is served.

  4. Yeah, pretty much for a dog like you. If you UC only fans are so clever enough, go and be the president of Sunrise or something, make all the new series in the future to be UC only and we shall see how many people will grow tired out of it.

    Cut the skin off your d%!&, Mr. Phimosis.

  5. Justice, is, served.

  6. Hey, at least Sunrise, did a smart move to let new fans know on what started what. Knowing new fans only prefer Gundams that are just for show. Other than that, Sunrise is trying to help cater to fags like you. Go have sex with Tiera for all I care.

    Also, bark bark *pant* *pant*

    I couldn't be happier about either series! Yes, I favor the news about Origin more, but not simply because I'm a UC fan (I am), but this series NNEDS a good update. I seriously doubt G.G. wants you people whining and complaining about how others feel (I'm aware of the irony), and just state your opinions a little more carefully! I'm not saying you have to like something your not going to, but for Christ's sake, you can't just assault people for liking something! The BS name-calling is NEVER called for, either.

    Rant aside, I was hoping for more info about Origin. OVA? Full-length anime seems more appropriate, judging by the length of the manga. Movies are another likely candidate, but I'm afraid how condensed and rushed it would be if that were the case.
    Hopefully, this doesn't turn into another Dragon Ball Kai incident...

  8. even something like Zeta New Translation is enough for me.

    BUT please rework all the scenes, the leftover parts which are not reworked are just too much for me to handle

  9. YES, THIS IS A GOOD UPDATE FOR UC, THATS RIGHT, NOTHING WRONG AT ALL, IN FACT ITS GREAT TO HEAR THAT. IM ALSO AN UC FAN. HOWEVER, I'm putting my flamethrower on standby BECAUSE SOME OF YOU so called 'loyal' fans are just way too overboard! F@#King get a grip, what they want to release is out of your control, and because of that, YOU UC TROLLS HANGING AROUND AT ALMOST GUNDAM COMMUNITY SITES AND WHINE LIKE BITCHES! GROW UP! My message was to give a shout-out and a F-YOU to all those fans who thinks there is only 1 era (UC) for the Gundam franchise only! _|_

  10. Eat it you garbAGE faggots UC RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. ^ But you are also a FAGGOT.

  12. You people make me embarrassed to call myself a Gundam fan. If THIS is what it means to be a Gundam fan, then I'm out.

  13. @OZKai : You just notice that gundam fans are like that? it's been so long, where have you been?

  14. @Full Frontal:
    It's not that I haven't noticed. Just, for a series that constantly wishes for the betterment of mankind, obviously the fans are just as off-base as all the theories of Newtypes being able to "Understanding without misconceptions."
    Apparently I'm one of the few who actually took Gundam's main overlaying theme and ran WITH it.
    Then again, relooking through the comments:
    Normal Person + Anonymity + Audience = ?

  15. Full Frontal go fuck yourself, UC< all motherfuckers. Enjoy the shota that is underAGE shit you faggots. And btw the one below me = TREMENDOUS FAGGOT. HAHAHAHA!

  16. for all people who said UC retards are some piece of garbage when they're complaining at the new series that comes out, look at yourself now. congrats, your whining and outrage now has proven that you guys are just like them. you think you are more mature than those UC retards, but you are wrong. you just a retard who called others, a retard.

    maybe if there's a 'UC retard' for UC Hardcore fans, then you should call yourself 'non-UC retard'

  17. Out of all the Gundam material to adapt out there, none stood out better than "The Origin". It really does deserve to be animated, and I'm very happy for Yas.

    This'll be a good opportunity for AU fans to experience the original Mobile Suit Gundam without having to whine about '70s-style animation. As for the rest of us, we get treated to a MUCH improved version of the original.

  18. Lol.. you so called gundam fans who are bashing the UC series are funny... you think gundam would be where it's at today without the UC series??? You guys talk about attracting a new younger crowd... you think gundam age is gonna get the job done? are u kidding me? Many of the new gundam fans are too young to remember the UC universe.. so what better way to expose the younger fans to the real gundam story is there? gundam age.. GTFO

  19. @Anonymous (2:49): Your argument is flawed. You forgot (or deliberately ignore) the fact that fans preferences is always changing. Kids today aren't like those back in 80's. Do you want Char and Amuro to be redesigned in Inazuma Eleven style? No you don't, and me too feel the same. But that's what sells today, what kids TODAY wanted. You and me will never understand their preference, because we already past that era. Right now another game from Level-5, Danball Senki, is on top of Japan's game chart. That's the trend and that's where the money's at NOW. You speak as if on behalf of younger crowd that AGE targeted but no, you're talking about yourself, as kid from long-gone era.

  20. ^ Quoted for truth. 'Nuff said.

    Fail trolls failed to read comments properly. Can't a UC fan like other Gundam series? Does it really mean if someone watches a non-UC series first means he/she denies the existence of the UC era? Not true right?

    Oh btw @Anonymous (2:49pm): you GTFO instead. Katsumi-sensei stated; if there would be fans, they would take the effort and look through all the previous franchises, appreciate and support them! NOT FuckING DENY 'EM, completely opposite like what you said. Think again faggot, you stated 'so what better way to expose the younger fans to the real gundam story is there?', then what the eff are the games, plamos and collectibles Bandai had released all these years for? What do you mean real Gundam by the way? Do you say there is a genuine Sunrise and a fake Sunrise studio? Loooool

  21. Well,it is quite sad that alot of people whose age are the same as me(14) only knows new eras such as SEED...(except for me of course.i even know side story:blue destiny,and many other old ones.UC or AU)

  22. Well congrats to you Anon 4:30. (Not being sarcastic)


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