Sunday, June 5, 2011

A new Gundam TV Series (2011) will be announced at this year's XXXXX XXX XXXX XXXX

A new Gundam TV Series (2011) will be announced at this year's Tokyo Toy Show 2011 (June 16th-19th).
You speculation of what this new series might be is welcome here. Look forward to your theories. =)
**** I was asked to remove the twitter message shown here earlier today about the announcement ****
Previously, I had posted the following about the new series:
Image of a Gundam from a new Gundam series?  To be announced in July Issue of
コロコロ (CoroCorro). * Can't be sure of anything until the official anncounement *


  1. Personally, I'm hoping for something that more light hearted than 00 (and I suppose Unicorn) was.

    I really loved 00, so don't get me wrong, but I want something where I can feel at ease for a good amount of the story (until the climactic end, that is). 00 just felt really dramatic from beginning to end and that's probably how Gundam should be, but that's not entirely what I, as an individual, want...

    Aside from that (which is most likely not going to happen), I'd like something with a back-to-basics feel. I want something where the mechs aren't all hyper up to near Super Robot Proportions. I want Gundam to go back to being a pure Real Robot anime... At least for now... <_<

  2. @andrewacoya I with you with the back to basic feel, but not to baisc I hope just something that ain't to super-robotish like 00 was, oh but don't get me wrong I loved 00 as well especially the movie, but yeah good old fashion, basic, REAL mecha would be nice for a new gundam series Maybe something like Gundam X technology-wise anyway.As for the story aslong as its good I'm fine whatever kind of drama they pull this time.

    I bet its going To be another Alternative Century seeing as Universal Century's Gundam Unicorn is still in the works. Can't wait for the announcement.

  3. I predict its goina be something that sells model kits... and children... i mean to children... Which letter will it be? I got dibs for Gundam H...

  4. from that shadow showing pictures.. it looks like some heavy armor bulk gundam.. more like a Mk2 or hazel thing.. but the proportion was great.. and the leg design feels bulkier version of unicorn leg.. erm.. will be another UC series?..

  5. I think the new show will have Iron man-like armor shaped like Gundam, the latter still a weapon but of a different size. It would help to create new line of toys, change what we expect, create dream for children, etc...

  6. It will inevitably have Gundams be nigh-invulnerable against non-Gundams. Perhaps they will be modular this time in order to encourage people to purchase lots of different components for customization.

    The main Gundam will be painted in red, white, blue, and yellow.

    The only villain machine to initially get a model with be the Char-clone's.

    The name will feature an alphabet letter not already taken (G, X, W)

    That silhouette looks unusually bulky for a Gundam debuting in a show's first episode. They usually look like that only near a season's end.

  7. I'm only hoping 1 thing and kinda wish for 1 thing.

    What i'm hoping for is that we FINALLY get a girl as either one of the lead gundam pilots OR THE MAIN gundam pilot of the series.

    I also kinda wish that we'd get a music themed series, we have the extreme gundam... put it to use outside of the games for once.

    I also kinda hope we can get an anime series or an OVA where ALL the worlds cross over into one and has all the main gundam pilots from each series in it (Like Amuro from MSG, Kira from SEED, Shinn from Destiny, etc...)

  8. New Mobile Report Gundam Wing: Frozen Teardrop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even though the manga is not even underway yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Shaomu/NyaneriusJune 5, 2011 at 4:38 PM

    With that bulky silouhette, I'm gonna say it's an MS/MA transformer, or just really, really durable.
    I'm really just waiting for a Gundam series where the protag goes through MSes as though they were Votoms. That'd open up a way for a LOT of merchandizing, and something we've never really seen in the series: a very short-lived Gundam

  10. I think the new series will be a refresh.
    Recent gundam series always deals with modern age / tech machinery, so its not surprising if they go back to classical theme similar to Turn-A or something, an age without machinery.. ^^

    For title.. hmm let see... Gundam B ? =)
    I think it will be Gundam BC... waay back to the ancient... :D :D ..

  11. I'm crossing my fingers for an anime adaption of Gundam the Origin. Basically anything UC would be nice.

  12. I just hope the new show won't be targeted towards children. Corocoro is a magazine for pre-teens after all.........


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