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MG 1/100 Gundam Heavy Arms EW & MG 1/100 Gundam Sandrock EW - Hobby Magazine (Aug Issue)

MG 1/100 Gundam Heavy Arms EW (Release Date: 2011, Price: TBA)
MG 1/100 Gundam Sandrock EW (Release Date: 2011, Price: TBA) 
Image from Muso Photo Gallery


  1. Will Heavyarms really be released this year? I only see "2011" under Sandrock.

  2. i just hope they do the same for G, Seed and 00

  3. I hope they get prototypes done soon, they keep showing the old 1/100 Endless Waltz kits painted like the early types.

  4. Hey I had a quick question, is there any differences between these kits and the Endless Waltz Customs besides the colour changes ? Thanks =)

  5. OH HELL YEAH !!! just complete them already !!! Banzai Endless Waltz !!

    @ Anonymous above me : Heavyarms Custom has 4 beam gattlings, while this one has only one (or two...) huge beam gattling. Sandrock Custom has a shield (maybe..) just like its HG Fighting Action 1/144, or maybe extra armors and mantle as seen in the anime.

  6. To further help anon above:

    The Heavyarms will hopefully come with a Giant gatling gun, with a large ammo reservoir mounted on it's back, also the army knife. I never knew the original design used "magic" beam bullets :D

    I don't know if the Sandrock will have different armaments, the claw-shield combo existed before the kai version, the mantle would be cool. I always thought it was weird that Sandrock custom didn't have an SMG.

    Since the custom versions of these two are based on their "kai" space enabled version, maybe they'll remove the thrusters on these.

  7. Also to note: "Early Type" Heavyarms in the Glory of the Defeated/Losers (pick your term) manga, it has shown that the chest gatlings are dual, not quad as was the case for Heavyarms Kai. The knife isn't the only attachable feature for Heavyarms; we've seen tank treads for the shins and even more missile pods added onto the shoulders. All in (I believe) chapters six and seven of the manga.

    Sandrock "Early Type" has some add-on armor briefly used in Chapter 7 with additional boosters/verniers on the inside.

    Now, whether any of these add-ons seen in GotD (and not in lineart prior) appear as accessories for the MGs is up for you to guess. *shrug* I personally think the safest positive answer would be Heavyarms getting it's knife.

  8. actually that's derringer arms
    not heavyarms because of the foot missile packs are different than normal heavyarms.

  9. Actually, I don't get what you were trying to correct, there. If you mean my reference to Glory of the Defeated, then I have not seen the Romefeller Gundam knockoffs (of which "Derringer Arms" is one) from Tiel's Impulse appear in the GotD manga. In fact, I have my doubts they ever would.

    If you mean the (placeholder for the) MG seen in the images above, then I'd check your eyes on the color scheme. Also, Derringer Arms never had a V-Fin.

  10. about the Sandrocks, one noticable difference between Sandrock Early-Type & Sandrock Kai/Custom, beside their color scheme, is that Sandrock Early-Type have no shoulder verniers. Sandrock Kai/Custom have them. and if you ever see B-Club's conversion kits, you'll also notice the different shield (compared to 1/144 HGFA Sandrock Custom's shield)

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