Monday, May 2, 2011

PSP: Gundam Memories ~ Tatakai no Kioku - Game System 'Special Trigger'

PSP: Gundam Memories ~ Tatakai no Kioku (Release Date: Jun. 23rd 2011, Price: 6279 Yen)
Game System: HERE, Game Modes: HERE, Gamplay Images: HERE, Initial Announcement: HERE, Trailer: HERE
Special Trigger System:
The Special Trigger game mechanic allows player to quickly perform a 'Quick Attack' (QA) by pressing a set of button on the game pad in the order displayed on the game screen.  'Quick Attack' performs signature attacks based on the mobile suit that you play, and can only be used when your SP gauge is filled to a certain degree.  When each bar of your SP gauge is filled, you can activate it to perform a QA.  But if a player waits until the SP gauge increase more, a more powerful QA can be performed. 
With the Mobile Suit Shift and Special Trigger System, is going to create more tactical options during combat.  But is too bad that we still haven't heard about the multiplayer features for this offering.

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