Sunday, May 22, 2011

My RG 1/144 GAT-X105 Aile Strike Gundam Is Traveling...

My humble painted built of the RG 1/144 GAT-X105 Aile Strike Gundam is traveling, and is currently on display in Bluefin's display booth @ Anime Central (Rosemont. IL) on May 20th - 22nd.   Next weekend, it would be on display at Fanime (San Jose, CA) on May 27th - 30th.  To see this kit up close, view HERE.
And for you U.S. based gunplars, don't forget that the BANDAI Model Kit WorldCup is happening at each of these conventions. Check out this post for locations & details.
Images coutesy of Bluefin Distribution


  1. how about that blue RG aile strike gundam? is it also yours?

  2. That's great, GG. Will this Travel to Otakon as well? I will be attending that and I know it's the last spot for the Bandai Cup.

  3. It's coming to Comicon, but I don't get if the rules for out of box entries permit panel lining...

  4. Gratz! How did that happen?

  5. @Anonymous: The blue one is not mine, that one I beleive was made by the staff at Bluefin. Although that one is holding the beam saber that I painted. =)

    @ZETA NEWTYPE: Yeah it could make it to Otakon, as long as I don't take the kit back I guess.

    @Anonymous: Yeah, is whatever the rules states.

    @rxsiu: Thanks, how did what happened?


  6. @raiser188: the images is taken at Anime Central (Rosemont, IL)

  7. I remember following your WIP progress on this blog, so it was really nice to actually see it in person this past weekend. Amazing job on it! I feel really motivated now to work on some Gunpla more seriously now.


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