Friday, April 22, 2011

PSP: Gundam Memories ~ Tatakai no Kioku - Game Trailer

PSP: Gundam Memories ~ Tatakai no Kioku (Release Date: Jun. 23rd 2011, Price: 6279 Yen)
Game System: HERE
Game Modes: HERE
Gamplay Images: HERE
Initial Announcement: HERE
Better quality video here (1Mbps) & (500Kbps)


  1. will there be an english version of this?

  2. Doubt it... unless Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 picks up because of 00's popularity since it's showing on SyFi's anime block... i'd like to see a Gundam resurgence in the states.

  3. well, why fighting-action game need to be in english? even i zero knowledge in japanese language can play it perfectly


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