Sunday, April 17, 2011

BANDAI Model Kit World Cup 2011

Gunpla World Cup 2011 – U.S. Championship
Do you love building GunPla? Do you spend hours on end assembling these miniature war machines? Well here's your chance to show off your best works! The Bandai Gunpla World Cup is a yearly contest held amongst modelers to show of their completed Gundam models. Competition will be held in several categories and age brackets. Top modelers from countries such as Japan, China, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Italy, France, USA, Thailand, Hong Kong, South Korea, Australia and Malaysia battle it out for the title of Gunpla World Cup Champion.
Like every good global competition, our country needs a representative! Does your model have what it takes to make the U.S. proud? Read on! To determine the U.S. Representative to this world competition, a number of conventions in the United States will hold regional model competitions in 2011. Each convention will have its own set of U.S. Semi-Finalists. From this pool of semi-finalists, one will be chosen to be the U.S. Representative to take names and kick some butt against the world at the Bandai GunPla World Cup Finals later this year.

For more info, please visit Bluefin Distribution Website.


  1. wow so early

    gonna keep my eyes peeled for the Philippines BMKWC

  2. I was working on an entry for Sakuracon next weekend, but I'm not sure if I have enough time to finish it :X


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