Wednesday, March 2, 2011

G-SHOT! 2010 Revisited & Appreciations

The G-Shot! Gunpla Photo Competition had ended just a little over 2 weeks now.  And with all the awards mailed out to each of the winners, I feel this is now the approriate time for this post.  First off, I would like to thank everyone who had participated in this online event.  We had over 500+ submissions for G-Shot!, it was truly an eye-opening experience to be able to see all the great gunpla work from folks around the world. 

This was my first time hosting such a contest, and I must admit I was a bit inexperienced.  Some of the rules were a bit vague, but regardless of my shortcoming, it was a great learning experience which would help me improve in hosting more of this sort of contests in the future.  And tentatively, I am planning to host the next G-Shot! 2012 at the end of this year, with winners being announced in early January 2012. 

Of course, this contest was only mine during the conception phase, but it was totally a team partnership effort in it's execution.  And I would like to take this oppurtunity to thank all the judges for the contest.  Actually these guys were more like partners than just judges.

--Words of Appreciation --

First off, I would like to thank Adam Sonar, the administrator of Gundam Australia Forum, for providing a private judging area at his forum to store all the image submissions and coordinate the judging process.  Also, when I had to fly back to Hong Kong for a relative's funeral, he helped process a lot of the images that were submitted.  Quite an amount of work, thanks partner. 
I would like to thank Don Carlos, the administrator of Mech Arts Community and creator of DC23 Mech Arts for creating for us the great looking G-Shot! logo.  He is truly gifted not just in gunpla building, but his skills in graphic design is superb.  And also thank you, Don, for all the promotion that you did on your forum, as well as on your blog.
Thank you Syd, for helping out judging the contest.  Syd is actually a great fellow gunplar whom I known during the early days when I had started writing my own gunpla blog.  And he had turned into a well known figure in the gunpla crowd over the years, mainly due to the great work he does at and his own website, Gaijin  Also would like to thank Syd for giving me some good advice when I was planning for the contest.
Last but not least, thanks Derringer (BlueFin Distribution)... a humble but very knowlegable guy in all things gunpla.  Even in his busy schedule, he took the time to provide his valuable inputs during the judging phase of the contest.  Your effort was well appreciated!
Now, I feel is not enough just to thank the judges solely with my words alone, so to show my appreciation to them, I will give each judge a raincheck.  Anytime within this year, you can get a MG kit (if I have it in stock) from me FREE of charge. =D  Just let me know when you want to cash in.
Here again are the winners of G-SHOT! 2011..... Winners were from various countries (the Philippines, Germany, Indonesia & Australia):
Personally, I can't wait for the next G-SHOT! 2011!!! >D
And there might actually be a chance that we will host a different hobby genre contest in between the G-SHOT! contest.  Will blog about that mid year. =)


  1. Congratz to all the winners! :D
    Your works are truly inspirational.

  2. No GG, Thank you for the opportunity man... and thank you for the free MG also! hehehe

  3. I'll be working hard, I know that for sure! I'll be entering G-Shot 2011!

  4. Ah mate that's really too generous of you! Thank you very much indeed, though I would not feel comfortable accepting a free kit from you for simply volunteering my time.

    It was an honour and a pleasure to be included and to work along side you guys, and very humbling to scrutinize the amazing work of so many incredible Gunplars from around the globe.

    Looking forward to G-Shot 2011/2012!

  5. actually, the best paint job winner, Stiven, is from Indonesia :)

  6. I want to judge, at least then I dont have the pressure of winning so I can get a prize lol. Thank you to all the judges I can only imagine the work and you liked one of mine almost enough. :) GG you are great thanks for all your help, getting me through the beginning stages of my building! Now go build yours again so I can awe at them. :)


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