Thursday, February 10, 2011

G-SHOT! Best Diorama Category Winner

Award Prize: HG 1/144 00 Qan[T] & Hobby Japan (Feb. Issue) w/ GN Sword IV Full Saber
Sponsored by GG INFINITE

Comments From The Judges:
Don Carlos (Creator of Mech Art Community, owner of DC23 Mech Arts blog, and a very seasoned gunpla builder):  
Nathaniel Barrera has been one of the best in the Philippines for 9 - 10 years now? His detailing style and his hangar dioramas has been good and consistent for years. He has always been fond of detail painting small added details thus giving his finished mechs a very colorful vibrant look. Needless to say, the kits in this diorama are masterfully built, LED works on the hangar looks great, poses of the mech and the angle of photography is convincingly realistic and the small details like the running figures completed the look.
However, the Cutting board as part of the background is a letdown. An almost PRO looking presentation, then you see a cutting board as background.

Derringer (Representative from Bluefin Distribution (North America's Gundam model & hobby distributor) and an avid gunpla builder:
Good building technique for models?  Check.  Great color selection?  Check.  Creative posing?  Check.  Random civilians running around like most Gundam series?  Check.  I love it!   This hangar diorama is well crafted and brilliantly executed, including the lighting .  The cutting board I think was a mistake, but you should be more wary of that when submitting photos to a photo based contest.  I also believe there should be more damage to the hangar around the back area where the Zaku has been toppled.

Adam Sonar (Creator & Administrator of Gundam Australia Forum):
Great colour schemes on the GM's and a high level of detail are the winners for me here. The subtle differences in the paint schemes set the GM's apart while still making them look part of a team. The angle of the first photo is what sells me on this dio and is very much from the perspective of a human scaled viewer. The people fleeing in terror are what make it come to life. I'd have liked to have seen composition that included all of the models without cutting any parts off. Whilst the lighting omits some detail that I would have liked to see more of, it certainly adds to the frightening vibe of this dio. Very intimidating poses and a very well executed diorama. Congratulations Nathaniel.

GG (Creator of this blog, Gundam Guy)
It was a great pleasure judging this category.  Many creative entrries were submitted, and I really had a great time looking at all the intricate detials of all the creations here.  Nathaniel's work was truly impressive... I admire his design of the diorama, the paint job, the kit customization, the lighting of the image, the great action poses, the list goes on. Very nice.
But that is not to say that other entries were not as equally impressive.  I found Francesco Coriglione's diorama work to be a true piece of art; I had never seen a diorama with so much detail, is just amazing.  I can tell a lot of hard work had been put into it.  And all other entries were also able to portray their stories very well..... wow! Great job everyone! 
Two finalists competed for the 1st place tie breaker

(Nathaniel S Barrera - 1st Place Winner)

Finalists from the preliminary rounds that were selected for the final round

(Nathaniel S Barrera - 1st Place Tied)
(Giovanni Hilario- 1st Place Tied)
(Francesco Coriglione - 2nd Place)
(Agung Husodo - 3rd Place)

Entries that were selected by the judges in the preliminary rounds 



  1. I can only imagine this is probably one of the harder/hardest categories to judge since many of them have so much going on and every entry is so different... I know I would have problems ^^;. Still, this is great stuff. Congratulations to the Nathaniel on taking this category!

  2. Congratz to @Nath!! good job bro!!! I made it on 1st place,tied..:)

    Thank you all so much for the Judges and Gundam GUY for this Super exciting contest!!


  3. nice nice Nathaniel good job!

  4. Hello,
    I'm Francesco Coriglione, from Italy, creator of the diorama winner of 2nd place.
    I want to thank all the judges for their preferences (especially DD for the nice words)
    If you want you can see my diorama in operation here:
    Many compliments for the 1st place, really nice!
    Appointment to the next contest!

  5. Sorry, I thanked writing DD instead of GG for the nice words ..

  6. those were truly awesome works! especially the grand winner ^_^ to be part of the finalist is pleasing enough for me and it makes me more motivated to make more dios ^^ more power to all gunpla builders! -TVA

  7. Congratz @nath and all the participator..this is a very good platform for us all to create more creative things..more power to us!!!

  8. congratz to nath..

    indeed that is an awesome work you got there...


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