Friday, January 21, 2011

Nintendo 3DS: Namco Bandai - Gundam The 3D Battle - Trailer

Nintendo 3DS: Gundam The 3D Battle (Release Date: Mar. 24th 2011, Price: 6090 Yen)
From AnimeNewsNetwork:
Bandai Namco Games Inc. is currently streaming a promotional video for Gundam: The 3D Battle, an upcoming videogame for the Nintendo 3DS portable game console. The game is a single-player "Gundam action" game set for a March 24 release date in Japan. It will cost 6,090 yen (about US$73.00). The Nintendo 3DS, which features 3D graphics without the need for special glasses along with the original Nintendo DS's dual-screen arrangement, will launch on March 27 in North America with a US$250 price tag. However, Nintendo says that the system will have region coding on games. Nintendo will release the system on February 26 in Japan for 25,000 yen (about US$300.00).
The video is not embeddable, but can be watched by visiting the game's official website and clicking on the console in the lower-right corner of the page.
Video from Youtube (by Nintendo3DS)


  1. this game never ported to us release since gundam battle tactic in psp too bad

  2. If they kept the psp versions more like gundam vs zeta or federation vs zeon the psp releases would have done better. Instead they decided to throw gundams from the spin off series(non-universal century timeline). This is why I and many others i know did not buy the psp games. However from the video i have seen on this one it is tru to Yoshiyuki Tomino's original storyline.


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