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GG INFINITE: G-SHOT! Gunpla Photo Contest

GUNDAM GUY / GG INFINITE will be hosting a special online event, 'G-SHOT!' Gunpla Photo Contest.   This event will be an online gunpla photo submission contest where participants would compete in 5 categories.  This competition will begin Jan. 1st, 2011 and will end on January 24nd, 2011 (extended end date).  On Jan. 31st, 2011, we will announce the winners.  We are definitely looking forward to seeing all the great works that you gunplars have spent so much of your time working on.

Our Judges For This Contest:
Don Carlos - Creator of Mech Art Community, owner of DC23 Mech Arts blog, and a very seasoned gunpla builder (Thanks Don for creating such a wonderful logo for this event!)

Syd Sked - The host of Gunpla TV, the guy behind, and a hardcore gunplar
Sonar - Creator & Administrator of Gundam Australia Forum!
Derringer - Representative from Bluefin Distribution (North America's Gundam model & hobby distributor) and an avid gunpla builder
G.G. - Me...

For those wanting to participate, all we ask is for you to send your submission to ( between Jan. 1st - 22nd with the following requirements:
- Provide us with your name
- Attach 2 images of your gunpla
- Type in the subject area of your email the category that you would like your submission to compete in
(Image size preferrably be under 1 MB, and no larger than 1200/1600 pixels). If you would like to compete in more than one catagory, please send in each submission with a seperate email (so that it would easier for my staff to sort out.) If you send us more than 2 photos in one email or if you images are oversized, we will disregard them.  Please send in your images according to the dates & rules shown above. 

We will be putting some of your images on our GG INFINITE Facebook Page so that all of us may view all the current submissions. 

Here are a few of my own gunplas to serves as samples for your photo submission:
Here are the 5 categories:
*** All prizes will be sponsored by GG INFINITE our online hobby store.  Visit us today! ***

- Best Gunpla Photo - This award will go to the winning image that would 'WOW' the judges.  It doesn't matter whether the photo is from a diorama, customized kit or a straight build.
(Award Prize: MG 1/100 00 Qan[T] model kit w/ 2 LED units)

- Best Diorama - An image of a diorama that tells a story.  A gundam standing on a piece of rock with its beam cannon only a gundam standing on a piece of rock with it's beam cannon raised...obviously this wouldn't strike us as an art that tells a story. =)
(Award Prize: HG 1/144 00 Qan[T] & Hobby Japan (Feb. Issue) w/ GN Sword IV Full Saber)

- Best Customized Gunpla - An image of a gunpla kit that is suped-up...meaning a kit that shows us the mastery of your modelling skills, by rightfully implementing aftermarket/option parts, custom decals, pla-platings, panel lines, etc.  Basically we are looking for 'The Works' that looks the best.   
(Award Prize: Winner of this category will get to choose between a RG 1/144 RX-78-2 Gundam or a RG 1/144 MS-06S Char's Zaku II)

- Best Paint Job - Obviously we are looking for more than just the stock color.  Creativity & skill are what count here.
(Award Prize: Gundam Ace (Jan. Issue) w/ 1/48 Sinanju Head Display Base)

- Best Straight Built Photo - If you are a novice at building gunpla, we encourage you to send in a photo that shows the power of your straight build.
(Award Prize: PSP Gundam Vs. Gundam Next Plus video game, or one HG 00 kit - Qan[T], Harute, Zabanya or Raphael )

Eagerly awaiting your gunpla photos!!!

***As with any competitions, there will be questions about rules & stuff that we have not mentioned, so this FAQ would continue to be updated to cover some questions that you might have regarding this contest, just message us your questions in this post.***

Q: I am not from the US, can I participate?
A: This competition is open to everyone around the world.

Q: What model kits would qualify for this contest?
A: Gundam model kits

Q: Can we photoshop our images?
A: Is both yes & no.  Yes, you may use photoshop to do slight touch-ups, adding text, and some minor effects, etc.  No, you may not use photoshop to mark-up your images so much that the gunpla looks different than what it actually looks like.  Basically we want to see your work, and not a glorified digital alteration of it.  Is hard to draw a line saying this is the set rule, but we hope you understand our expectations.  =)

Q: For the Straight Built category, are we allow to use top coat, add panel lines, or apply paint touch up (like the sinanju gold trims)?
A: Yes it is okay.  As long as the kit is not fully painted, and maintaining the stock looks.

Q: Does the image have to be standing/full body shot or can it be posed with good photographic angles?
A: It can be both, we allow 2 images per catagory, so we suggest you to do at least one full body shot. That would gives the judges a good look at your entire creation.  Is up to you.

Q: Can we enter more than 1 model per category?
A: No, only one entry per category is allowed just to be fair.

Q: Can we use other people's photo for submission?
A: We hope that everyone would take pride in their own work, so the answer is 'no'.

Q: For the award prize 'psp game', I don't have a psp, can I get something else?
A: While all award prizes are not changable, we would allow it here since not everyone owns a psp, so winner of the 'Straight Build ' category may choose between the psp game, SD 00 Qan[T], or HG 00 Qan[T].

Q: Can I have more than one kit present in a Diorama entry?
A: Yes, this is the only category where more than one kit can be present.

Q: Is scratch build allowed?
A: Most Definitely, we love scratch build. But know that scratch build does not quality for Best Straight Build entry.


  1. Interesting O_O ^^ !

  2. I wanted the MG 00 Qan[T], but at the moment I have no kits (sold them online) and I don't have any money to get any other kit.

    Oh well. It seems like my luck with these things fail me again. T_T

  3. Does the - Best Straight Built Photo - include top coated and panel lined kits and/ or kits with paint touch ups, like sinanju with painted gold trims but stock color for example?
    And can I enter more than 1 model per category?
    And does the kit have to be standing/full body shot or can it be posed with good photographic angles?
    Sorry if i have to many questions :)

  4. @Anonymous: I have updated the FAQ section to answer your questions. =) Thx.

  5. So like say if we do win the straight build photo, and we dont have a PSP, is it possible for us to get a different prize of equal or lesser value?

  6. I straight build, Cementing is allowed?

  7. Can I add some effects from photo editing tools? For example,I wanted to add some GN partilce effects..thanks..:)

  8. More than 2 pics per category is allowed?

  9. More questions needing answers:

    Does a picture with an original kit comparisons like the 0 Gundam count as 2 pictures or can we submit two of those?

    For the best customized category, would it be alright for a 99% scratch built entry? Actually, it's not a mecha itself but it is directly related to Gundam. Not sure if this will pass, but if it does I have something amazing to show you.


  10. can we join the same gundam kit in different category?

  11. very interesting...this will help all gunpla's enthusiast to show their work and photography skills...

  12. do we write our address in the submissoin???


  13. @<-ME: We can exchange the PSP game for either a HG Qan[T] or SD Qan[T].

    @Romil: Yup that is allowed.

    @MANGYVER5223: Only 2 pics allowed per category.

    - Comparison pics can be counted as one pic. You can submit two of those.
    - 99% scratch build is truly the god of all customized kits, yes that would qualify. Pls submit it. If we see a problem, we will let you know.

    @Anonymous: Yes you can, just tell us which categories in the subject area of the email.

    @rj: Yes, this event is to share our hobbies together. =)

    @Anonymous: We will only ask for your address when you win a category, so that we may send you your prize. But it is not necessary to provide that in your submission. Thx.

  14. This is going to be an awesome event! Hope you don't mind if I spread the words on my blog as well ^^.

    I guess I can safely assume that if one were to enter more than one category, they would still only be able to win just one category right? It'll be funny if one person managed to win EVERY category... that person must be a Gunpla God o_o.

    Anyway, thanks for starting such an awesome event GG!

  15. @Z: Thanks, pls spread the word. =) It is possible for a participant to win mulitple categories, but I think the chances of that happening would be slim.

    Btw, I will respond shortly to your email that you ahd sent to me this morning. Thx.

  16. Hello,I am from Brazil.Started a litte ago in the gunpla universe and I will enter in this contest.Congratulations,your blog is great!

    Sorry about any english mistakes that I had write.

  17. I'm impressed with your sample pic of Gato @ the hangar. You are really generous and I'm really tempted to participate.

  18. @Dennis: Thanks bro. Looking forward to your participation since your photo skill is quite good.

  19. OOooooh, can't wait to see the gallery from the Gunpla Modelers of this event :) :)

  20. @G.G. Is it ok to put waterslides on the straight build category? Will having decals on em make em ineligible for participation in that category?

  21. @Canopy: Will be posting 1st batch photos on Jan.1st

    @Apposionate: Yes it is okay. =) We just don't allow painting the whole kit for straight build.

  22. I have a couple of questions:

    - Could a previous photo posted elsewhere by the person who took it be entered in (provided mentioned photo fits within all the guidelines)?

    - Is it possible to enter in honorarily?

    - If it is and I enter (and achieve a miracle by winning), and the prize can or must be given, could I direct the prize to a person of my choosing? Or would it go to the person in "second place"?

  23. I'm gonna post this on my blog so that everyone will be informed..thank you so much GG !!!

    this is gonna be exciting !!

  24. Thanks Vanz for spreading the word!

  25. @Shiroh32:
    - The kit must belong to the person who submit for the contest. Using other people's kit to enter the contest is not allowed, just to keep things fair. =)

    - We do not allow folks to enter this contest in honorarily of others.

    - If you win a category, you may let us know to whom/where you want the gift sent to.

  26. G.G.:

    - First off, it's with one H before the numbers. :)

    - I understand that to be obvious, but what I meant is contestant entering using a previous photo of a model he built, the photo taken by him/herself. I am actually hinting at myself in the third person, since there are models I have previously built--such as the HGUC Zaku I, for example--that I have posted pictures of straight-built, but have since been modified and might need to enter in a different category if I were to enter them with a current photo I haven't posted online. I do have other models I can build, take photos of, and enter (and I'm thinking of doing that more likely), but I'd like to explore this angle in questioning first.

    - Maybe I might have been confusing in my question of honorarily entering. Maybe I need to get a dictionary out before using the term again, but the spirit of what I meant has been answered by your third answer; I have been pondering that, should I enter, I might enter and want to win, but I might not want the prize. I haven't fully considered this on the assumption I entered, but it's a possibility. Not that it'll matter; I don't think I can exactly win if I enter with a model I'll be building soon, or with an already-built model. Chalk it up to lack of confidence and pessimism, but it's a "self-realism" of sorts. But it would still be fun entering.

  27. @Siroh32: If the kit is yours, then by all means submit it. =D Looking forward to seeing your gunpla art.

  28. hi gundam guy, I would like to know if I win, do I must have to pay the shipping for the award prize?

  29. @kim: Winner does not need to pay the shipping cost of the prize. Is all sponsored by GG INFINITE. =)

  30. Is it allowed to enter 2 separate kits in 2 different areas of the contest or to phrase it better enter the contest twice, ie. I have two kits a MG Kampfer customized and painted and a MG Sinanju just painted.
    Could I enter both?

  31. @Anonymous: You could enter one kit for multiple categories, or a different kit for each category.
    Just that you cannot enter more than one kit per category. Hope I am making myself clear. =)

  32. thank you, a different kit for each category is exactly what I mean, do I just send two emails for the entries?

  33. @Anonymous: Yes, looking forward to your entries.

  34. If i straight build, can i put decals?

  35. do send the submission by email and do we put the photoin a word document???


  36. @Anonymous: Send image by email according the size specified in the post above.

  37. Airbrush > Spray can > hand brush.

    Someone using airbrush is most likely to win the best paintjob category right?

    I'm not saying people don't do awesome paint jobs with spray can and brushes, but airbrush lets you do shading, tight area of spray, not brush marks or mistakes. So it sort of leaves non airbrushers behind... =/

  38. @Anonymous: Not necessarily, we are also looking for creativity.

  39. Generally, which is a heavier criteria that you guys would be judging on. Is it more important to have a brilliantly shot photo with a mediocrely done kit, or is the quality and impressiveness of the picture secondary to the quality of the kit itself.

    Hope you get the gist of what I'm trying to say

  40. Heyo GG, thanks for hosting such a generous comp. Would like to know if I can submit my entry under straight build since it is not fully painted and only sprayed on the original colors on some parts...

  41. @Appasionata: I get what you mean, I guess it depends which category are you submitting your photos. Best Photo is quality in the image over quality of gunpla build....while Best Customized Gunpla is quality of the build over image quality. Hope this is making sense. =)

  42. @Anonymous: You are welcome. Yes, pls send you images over. =)

  43. If a handpainted kit is entered will it gain more points if it has no brush strokes?

    With spray, you get no brush strokes, it takes little effort, with handpainting you have to make sure there are no brushstrokes etc.

    Also, for creativity, what will you be looking at? Decals, how well colours match, odd paintjobs that work well, use of pastels and paint techniques?

  44. You can mention that when u submit the images, and we will be sure to let the judges know that the kit was handpainted.

    As for creativity: Yes we are looking at all that you had mentioned and a bit more. As you know 'art' is pretty subjective in nature. So we will let our judges decide.

  45. Also, would we need to add a quick comment about the peice? E.g 'This is my diorama of a Zeon fight, as you can see, these spacemen are painted in zeon normal suits' etc. Or do we just submit two photos on their own.

    Also, will we need proof it's ours, e.g putting our email on a peice of paper in the background?

  46. It would be nice if you can give you kit a name & description. We will add it in for the judges to see.

    As for proof, we had thought about having people to proof it, but is a bit of a hassle for everyone. As we realize that some images were taken well before this contest. So we will just trust that everyone is playing fair.

  47. GG,

    Are composites allowed for the Best Photo Category, like a kit laid into a sky/space background?

    The kit will remain as it is of course.

  48. for the best diorama are we allowed to paint it or detail it

  49. Well yeah that's what a diorama is about...

  50. GG, in the best customized gunpla, is it allowed to use let's say only 1% of the Gundam kit (e.g. the head) and 99% scratchbuild as an entry? Thanks

  51. I forgot to add. The model I intend to make is non-existent in the Gundam series but rather a Gundam/mobile suit of my own interpretation. Is that allowed? Thanks again

  52. Hi GG!
    I'm just clarifying here:
    "Q: Can we enter more than 1 model per category?
    A: No, only one entry per category is allowed just to be fair."

    In your Neue Ziel Photo, there seems to be Zakus...

    I want to clarify this because in my photo, a mobile suit (MS-A)is defending another mobile suit(MS-B). However, the MS-B that is quite seen raising his hand, but the center of attention is MS-A. Also, MS-A has support units, and the scene is from a point of view from MS-C, which on shows MS-C's head... is this okay? The position is MS-A in front, while MS-B is in the back, only MS-B's hand and some parts of the body is seen... is this okay?

  53. @Matanglawin: Composites to use backgrounds is fine, but not to touch up the kit so much that it looks different. So yours should be fine.

    @Anon: Best diorama allows paint & customizations.

    @Anon: Scratchbuild is okay. =)

    @Anon: As long as your entry is gundma related, it is fine.

    @Anon: For diorama, it is okay to have more than on kit present. For all other category only one kit is allowed.

  54. Can I join 2 categories at the same time?

  55. Ok so I have a few questions.

    1. For the rule of photoshop/editing, is it possible to just put the gunpla in a background? Like a starry looking background because I don't really have that many good places to take a photo near and inside my house.

    2. So... if I have a custom SD Exia Repair, what category would it best fit into?

    3. Also, about the prizes you have listed. I currently own all of them (yes, I love 00 and RGs). So say if I win a category with a HG prize, do you think I can change the HG 00 Qan[T} into something else, say the Brave Commander Type for example?

    Thanks for your time!

  56. I have a MG Super Gundam pack so I have 2 options, can I submit pics of both the Gundam Mk II and Super Gundam in a category?

  57. @Soujishinogane: Yes you can.

    1. Yes you can.
    2. Best Custom Kit or Best Photo
    3. Yes, you can switch to HG Brave Commander Type if you win.

    @Anonymous: You can only have one kit entry per category, So I suggest you to submit your kits for 2 categories.

  58. Wait a second, I absolutely love making dioramas, so if I enter a diorama I can switch the prize for something the same (or lower) price? I'm not fond of the 00 Quanta, but I guess I could build it and give it to a friend if I win it...

  59. Just asking if we can weather our straight build gunplas? in that straight build category?

  60. can do do some effects like using penlight to add up something in the background of the photo?

  61. @Anon: The prize will be what is stated in the post. No more changes.

    @DarkWorkx: No weathering for straight build kit.

    @David: Yes it is alright.

  62. errr.. just wanna ask.... this will be my first time entering a competition for Gunpla.... and.. errr... well I just wanna ask if there are any limits to the photo quality.... :) I can't afford to buy one of them high-specs camera... can't even buy a digicam (as of now, ran out of money because of gunpla, studies, and a special someone. XD) ermm.. All I have is my phone as a camera... hehe... hope you could answer Mr. GG.

  63. hey there, i have a question, cause i have an hguc HWS nu gundam, straight-built and i only painted some parts of it, just the yellow details, then added some decals and panel lined topcoat, no major paint works..but the thing is, i don't display it as the full heavy weapon system..i removed some of it's armor and left only the shield, the rifle, and the leg armor of the it is kind of a custom look but it is it qualified for the straight built category?kind of a dumb question really..hehe..just want to confirm cause i would really like to enter..^^;

  64. @Anon: You can use your phone camera.

    @Rushinstein: This will probably be a good fit for the customize category.

  65. what category does a kitbash go into? :O

  66. @AstrayP03: Best Customized Gunpla category. =)

  67. GG,

    I have another question or two, although I should have asked them before sending out an e-mail with the two photos...

    As someone wanting to enter into the contest, yet wanting to remain under this name and not necessarily wanting to have the prize (which I asked about earlier) on the off-chance I win (or have it sent to someone else, though I guess this is unlikely), is it okay that I remain under this name when entering?
    I noticed that the entries also have the names of the contestants on it. Did you rename the files/photos, or should the files/photos be renamed *prior* to being sent?

  68. This is kinda related to a question above, but can I enter with a model that already won a price(2nd place HLJ straight build)?
    I will put it in a different pose and I'll probably put some extra decals on it if I have enough time.

  69. On the straight build entries page it says 1st Jan - 24th's no longer 22nd is it?

  70. @GG:

    Is it possible to have a brave commander test type instead for straight build prize?

  71. Thanks for this comp. Just finished my 1/60 Strike Freedom for straight build. Just sent email. Hope I win. LOL

    One question. Is the prize a 1/144HG or 1/100 HG?

  72. @Siroh32: We renamed the files. We only accept entries of kits that belongs to the poster.

    @Vincent: Yes you may, as this is a totally seperate contest.

    @Anon: Prizes are final as stated above and will have no more changes.

    @QuangVuong: HG. Thanks for entering your photos.


  73. Is the entry date for best paint job 22nd or 24th??

    I need to know really.

  74. GG,

    Okay. Well, then I guess I have very little problems here, as far as I can recall. *shrug*

    I hope you got and have no problems with my entry... Though the model choice didn't matter much at all, I thought the Correct Century era needed some representation. :)

  75. Another question, I'm not entirely sure how I could make my photograph smaller without losing quality (I.E with MS Paint)how else could I downsize the images?

  76. just want to ask, can I still submit photos for straight build categories? in here the deadline mentioned is 22nd Jan but in the latest post the date mentioned is 24th Jan...

  77. GG,
    Hai, I couldn't find my picture on one of d categories. I sent it few days ago.
    did u update the picture every day?

  78. Good Luck to everyone from Italy!!!

  79. so....when and who will be the winner announce??...didn't see any news lately :/

  80. so....when and who will be the winner announce??...didn't see any news lately :/

    srry...double post due to wrong account :P

  81. aww... too bad the registrations are closed T_T wanted to try my luck on the n00b category.


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