Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Transformer ROTF Leader Class 'Sideswipe' - Remastered

Although this has nothing to do with Gundam what so ever, but I was tasked with repainting (but I would like to call this 'remaster', since plate-plates & painting were implemented) a Transformer Revenge of the Fallen: Leader Class Sideswipe toy.

I hope I did the toy justice, as this will be delivered back to a toy store owner tommorrow, and be on display at Frank & Son.

Remastered by G.G.


  1. Good job giving it a real sense of paint tone.

  2. Nice mod bro and man you are good! Great posing and pics taken. So how long to you take to give this TF a makeover?

  3. i didnt you know did stuff like this too! cool

  4. The f-wken greatness/beauty, your gonna be f-wking legend soon. Btw I love what you did with the head and the legs, it really looks likes its CGI counterpart now.

    What now Hasbro>=]

  5. Fantastic repaint and detailing! Thumbs up!

  6. Thanks guys for the nice comments!

    @Dennis: This took me 2 afternoons & one evening. Much of the time was spent masking.

    @BB: Yeah I am trying new things so that I may generate some pocket money. =)

  7. awesome job but i didn't know their was a leader class sideswipe,just a human alliance one 0.o

  8. Nice mod bro and man you are good! Great posing and pics taken.Good job giving it a real sense of paint tone.
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  9. That's not Leader-class, that Human Alliance-class.

    1. That's not Human Alliance class either, it's a deluxe class. There was never an Human Alliance or Leader class Sideswipe

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