Tuesday, March 16, 2010

PSP: Gundam Assault Survive - The Wait Is Almost Over!

Just a day away before the release of the highly anticipated PSP's Gundam Assault Survive action game. (Well... highly anticipated for me anyways...)

So I just want to post 2 demo videos found on Youtube that show how a couple of missions were played. I really dig the flight system... looks like this game really share a lot in common with the gameplay style found in the PSP's Macross Frontier series. Definitely no complaints from me.

However, I do admit that the AI looks a bit on the weak side, but then this is a PSP game, what do you expect!? But if it comes with settings to select a higher difficulty setting, then that might provide a bit more of a challenge.

This game will be out at a local import game store near my home this Thursday... really looking forward to it! Since I will be heading off to Toronto for vacation next week, I can't think of anything better to do then to play this on the 6 hours flight.

Videos from YouTube

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