Tuesday, March 9, 2010

PSP: Gundam Assault Survive (Update 7)

Just a small update for the upcoming PSP's Gundam Assault Survive action game. The game is due out on March 19th 2010.

Every successful game nowadays hinges on the success of a few things. Ideally, a good game would boast a great single player playthru, and then a competitive multiplayer format that would extend the game's lifespan. In my previous update about this game, I was very excited about the multiple map paths of the game's single player scenarios; the prospect of being able to move back & forth between maps to accomplish game objectives is just fun.

But to be able to play this game in cooperative gameplay is just awesome. It was announced that the game would support a 2-4 players multiplayer game in ad-hoc coorperative gameplay (not sure about team deathmatch though). Playing a coop game will be very tactical & strategic if your team is to accomplish each mission together. It would mean having to delegate your pilots to fight on different maps and taking various objective points at the same time. If one of your teammate's MS need to resupply, then you better have the rest of the team to cover the frontline. With 4 professional real human pilots playing together, I can already smell my PSP battery running overtime.

Mulitplayer game can be configured with custom pilots that you and your friend creates. And you can select any unlocked MS to play each match... YES even cross series. (Sorry GVG Next Plus.... but your time with my PSP is over)

And with Xlink Kai, you can play with the best pilots from around the world!
I can't wait to form up my own Flag Fighters!!! I will be Graham.... and you guys can be Howard & Daryl. If you guys dies.. I will name my swords after you.

Battle Result from each multiplayer match will show all the stats and points. Every objective accomplished will be calculated into the Total G Fund. But at this time I am not quite sure if the G Fund would grant players to the ability to beef up their MS, upgrade weapon stats, player stats, and acquire new MSs. I assume that is the case, but need to be verified.

Images from Famitsu


  1. Bam this game is buy, somehow, They incorporated the 4 2tams match from macross frontier and orig charas from MF and srw. I still want my Serpents & Heavy arms army

  2. Did you forget about GVGN+, GG? It's infinitely better than this game... :/

  3. Wow...so i match graham, with gato, char and rambal rai all in a team haha!!! Cool!! Now time to borrow that psp!!!

    @ Gunstray Serpents army with heavy arms leading them awesome lol!!

  4. @GunStray: Serpents & Heavyarms FTW! The PSP will be overheating trying to generate all the bullets coming out of them vulcan cannons. LOL!

    @Anonymous: Are you someone that I know locally!?

    @Chubbybots: Most Gundam games comes out on PSP, maybe you should consider getting a PSP soon! =D

    Perhaps I should start a all female team.... Lacus, Relena, Marina & Lalah!

  5. Well, I don't have PSP but you seems to enjoy the game a lot. Anyway, if your Graham lost, you can still renamed him Bushido! Lol!

  6. @GG: I live in Canadia so I doubt it.

  7. Hi, are you sure the xlink kai works on this game?
    I have tried to link with my friend but it didn't work. We have changed to the SSID after we started linking the game together (before entering situation). We started the game and it stop on the loading screen. We got disconnected after that. Do you have any tutorial for this?
    Any video clip or youtube video for this?
    I believe many people will need the help.
    Thanks a million.


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