Wednesday, September 9, 2009

HG 1/144 GN-X III ESF Type - Completed (Work Logs & Action Poses)

My newly released HG 1/144 GN-X III ESF Type

Sold & Shipped! (Shipment to include the following color booklet)
I do hope to get a new camera so that I can take better photo, but for now, pls bear with the mediocre quality.


  1. dude... wtf... this is AMAZING! i've never seen anyone make their images/wip like this. its like a booklet! great! and all the work you did... and you didnt even say anything to us! haha. we thought you were working on the astraea! wow man, you did it again! i am shocked. I have a long way to go if im going to make my gnx-3 match yours... but i'm totally stealing your techniques. know that. fantastic job again. i wont forget this one.

  2. I agree. Top notch work and presentation. I don't know which I like more, the kit or the booklet. Well done!

  3. This is really looking great! And I look forward to receiving this in a day or two?

    After I get the kit and review the quality. I am sure it should be okay. So now if I want to get another built kit from ya, can I get a discount?

  4. DAMN!!! did u made and print ur decals??? howd u do that plz teach me!!!:D

  5. @BB & GunGai: Thanks for the wonderful comments. I think I still need to work on the presentation & photo skills for the booklet (perhaps for my next kit). I wasn't going to give the GNX these kind of treatment, but since it is the only kit that I just finished, I wanted to try to create something more creative in terms of WIP / images.

    @Mr. R: I shipped it yesterday, I was expecting you to receive it today since you live pretty close by. Perhpas tommorrow. As for will depend on which kit it is, email and let me know. Thx.

    @A1S: The custom decals were created using photoshop. I basically scan the ESF insignia from the model instruction booket that came with the kit and use photoshop to enhance the image, then print it on a clear decal paper. The decal is not as good quality as a MSG decal, but is decent. And I also created a custom Wild Bear badge insignia to signify that this GN-X belongs to Sergei Smirnov (who's nickname was the Wild Bear of Russia).

  6. That is quite a bit of detail done to the GNX model. I love all the photography! You did amazing job!

  7. Got the package this afternoon! Thanks GG!
    You really were careful in your packaging. I like how you included a big note telling me to cut my finger nails before I put the parts together to avoid scratching the paint. ROFL!

    Hey I emailed you about my next request, pls get back to me.

  8. I just get them at a local hobby store, the decal papers are american made. Not that I am bias or anything, but I think you would fare well with Japanese decal papers. I am just too lazy to order them. Here is a link to some on Hobby Search.

    Be aware that there are 2 types (clear & white), because inkjet cannot print white colors.

  9. Great work... Amazing.
    Can you please tell me where you got the hangar where the GN-X is standing on the last pictures? thx

  10. @Anon: Thanks. The hangar are from Kotobukiya M.S.G. Mechanical Chain Base series that we used to sell, but they are no longer being produce, maybe they will be produce again in the future. As for the stand, I was using the Bandai Action Base Clear Ver.

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  13. the mechanical design of this MS is very original its good Gundam is adopting more sensible designs like these, good choice of MS btw

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  15. Dude, seriously u need to make more MS models than just custom Gundams, why nobody even bother to ask for that badass GN Flag that nearly torn Exia into junks, i mean seriously that aint even a flagship MS but in the right hand it can be lethal too


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