Thursday, November 19, 2015

HG 1/144 Gundam Barbatos Type 4 + Long Range Transport Booster

HG 1/144 Gundam Barbatos Type 4 + Long Range Transport Booster 
(Release Date: Dec 31st 2015, Price: 5400 yen)

Gunpla Set Includes:
- Long range transport booster × 1
- Mace × 1
- Katana × 1
- Sword × 1
- Base Stand × 1
- Barbadtos joint parts × 1
- Graze joint parts × 1
- Barbatos waist joint parts × 1

Runners, Manual & Stickers:
- Color Molded Runners × 17
- Foil seal × 1
- Assembly instructions × 1


  1. Need ! So much custom options in this series,love it !

  2. So... This doesn't actually come with an HG Barbatos?
    With a retail price of ¥5,400 (roughly $43.97 US), I thought they would at least include the HG Barbatos which has a retail value of ¥1,000.

    But then again considering that this is basically the Iron Blooded Orphan equivalent of the GN Arms (Gundam 00) or METEOR Unit (Seed/Destiny), and considering that those HGs were roughly the same price, I guess it isn't too bad that it doesn't come with an actual HG Barbatos.

    1. Have you ever read the title?

      If not, then please translate this (from the last picture):

      HG ガンダムバルバトス 第4形態&長距離輸送ブースター クタン参型

    2. Heck, the G-Self Assault Pack cost less (¥3,800 or less) and included a full G-Self with gun.

    3. You forgot the Dendrobium. Oh wait, you hate UC so you left it out.

    4. Don't forget about the dendrodium (0083)

    5. Don't forget about the dendrodium (0083)

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  4. I don't get why it's so expensive, it doesn't look THAT big.

    1. Because you got barbatos, some armaments and parts. Just look at included set list.

  5. i'm guessing there's 2 boosters? one for the barbatos and one for the graze

  6. this guy going Marute Style...I LOVE IT

  7. this guy going Marute Style...I LOVE IT

  8. I think it does come with the barbatos


    Gundam barbatros type 4? 0.0 type 4???????? So their included barbatos, but in type 4 + LRTB. What is type 4 ? They mean fourth form???? 0.0 can some one explain ( btw, mcgillis make is own gundam using graze+ gundam inner frame+ gundam data+ modification graze weapon 0.0) well barbatros get damaged on last ep ~> or later episode, 2016 gundam series/ production will big big huge released on their machine. Category wise:

    1. Old mg get upgraded like 1.0 - 2.0, ect
    2. New released series that get race ( IBO vs thunder
    Bolt / ect )
    3. Fast fast production gundam line
    4. Big revive production
    5. More rg that get released info fast than before
    6. Hg has inner frame, and the hand can move
    individually + led gimmick ( on next next next year
    7. Gunpla rate production race get up
    8. More p bandai and more exclusive released
    9. Huge monggas ( a long waited pg/ mg/ hg )
    10. So manny brand tritment for gunpla it self
    11. Hg get latest technology on their built
    12. Gunpla fans ( anti p bandai ) will get mad~ or
    even get war in gunpla factory ( in front of it, so
    who get idea to make p bandai must get fired )

    Well this just predicsion, but this was make from the true fact, so yeah ( number 12 -_____- maybe so )
    Rise into new year! I wonder if there was hg, sd, rg, or even pg that was make by hatoki hajime ( ver ka ), that would be AWESOME!!!! well that was from me, and goodbye, see you again next time.

    1. Fyi, barbatos 4th form is your hg ibo barbatos. Here's forms of barbatos:
      1st forms: armorless shoulder, with small shield plate on left hand.
      2nd form: still same with 1st, but now equipped with graze shoulder armor on right shoulder.
      3rd form: now equipped with blue-white painted graze armor for match with barbatos color scheme. They replace shield plate with schwalbe graze anchor claw after they lost it when attacked by coral and mcgills.
      4th forms: the true form of barbatos, which gain its signature round shoulder armor. I think they will get this form after make deal with teiwaz boss later.


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